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Mrs Shivani Vijay Patil has been the guiding force behind many a venture undertaken by the D Y Patil University. Her dedication and drive combining with her unstinting support has led to many new initiatives at the university. Her graceful but strong presence has boosted the morale of many a student team. The faculty and staff and the student community at large have immensely benefitted from her outreach for improving the learning experiences in the institutions under the university.

Mrs Shivani Patil has also believed in promoting extra -curricular activities that lead to the all - round growth of the students, thus transforming the university into a hub of holistic development.

The vision of Mrs Patil encompasses the vision of the university. Her strong belief that the destiny of the nation lies in the hands of its teachers who mould the youth has fostered an environment that promotes and facilitates a wholesome teaching-learning experience at the university. This endeavour has certainly borne fruits if the success of the student community at the D Y Patil University is taken into account.

Mrs Shivani Patil has firmly believed in empowering faculty, promoting student welfare, and creating a youth force that are the harbingers of growth for the nation in the coming years. The University has flourished under her nurturing guidance.