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Duties and Responsibilities of Non Teaching

Duties of Non-Teaching

● Every staff employed in the University shall discharge his/her duties efficiently and diligently and shall conform to the rules and regulations.
● Staff must maintain an impeccable standard of integrity in all their professional relationships.
● Staff should display the highest possible standards of professional behaviour that is required in an educational establishment)
● Staff should seek to co-operate with their colleagues, providing support, help and guidance as required by them
● Staff should not use their position in the University for private advantage or gain.
● Staff should avoid words and deeds that might bring the University into disrepute or might undermine colleagues in the perception of others (staff/pupils/parents/community).

Non-Teaching Staff Responsibilities towards Authorities, Faculties and Students

● Staff must at all times observe the University Equal Opportunities Policies for staff and pupils and treat pupils, parents and other stakeholders in accordance with those policies
● No Staff employed in a University shall absent himself from his/her duties without prior permission. In case of sickness or absence on medical ground, a medical certificate to the satisfaction of the college authorities shall be produced within a week.
● As the technical and administrative staffs are expected to work closely with the faculty of the university in day to day activities,
● The staff must Respect the prerogative of the faculty members to look after the education of the student and provide all assistance needed in the discharge of his/her duties in imparting education.
● Develop friendly and co-operative relationship with the faculty members Provide full cooperation and support to the faculty members for the development of University
● A member of technical and administrative category is expected to develop fraternal relationships with his/her colleagues to nurture proper interpersonal relationships and to develop team spirit.
● Extend co-operation to his/ her colleagues in activities relating to academic and administrative matters and the development of his/her profession.
● Refrain from passing information about colleagues to any individual or agency without his/her express permission.
● Any staff employed in a college when involved in criminal proceedings shall inform the University
● No staff employed in a university shall engage himself/herself or participate in any activity which tends to create disharmony in a university.

Non- Teaching Staff Responsibilities towards colleagues

Non-Teaching Staff Should:

● Treat their colleagues in the same manner as they themselves wish to be treated;
● Speak respectfully of other colleagues and render assistance for betterment of the University;
● Refrain from lodging unsubstantiated allegations against colleagues to higher authorities; and
● Refrain from allowing considerations of caste, creed, religion, race or sex in their professional endeavor