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India’s young frontline doctors about the current scenario on BBC News

India has reported over half a million coronavirus cases so far. Overworked Indian medical professionals are increasingly fighting in this war against Coronavirus. Many such doctors are sharingtheir experience through this interview by the BBC News team and want to reach out the community.

“ The challenges faced by treating the COVID patients is almost the same for all the doctors worldwide which involves the daunting process of working in PPE for long hours. The risk of contacting the disease is always on our minds, no matter how hard we work at the hospital unless people do not understand and undertake the required protective measures outside the crisis will not end anytime soon ” says
Dr. Nandini Passi from New Delhi

Dr. Ananki Chakrabarti a Final year Resident from Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, DY Patil Hospital – Navi Mumbai shares her experience of treating COVID-19 patients.

“ Sometimes we get a patient who is really in need of a bed , but the hospitals are so saturated we are unable to provide one for the same reasons. We are working here day and night for the community and I request you to be more responsible because now this disease is at a community level. So before we can help you, you need to help yourself by taking all the preventive measures possible ”
– Ananki Chakrabarti

Our very own resident from Dept of Psychiatry at DY Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai says “ Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming patient load , we wall short of doctors which has been leading to more working hours, mental stress and fatigue . Hence, we need more and more number of health care workers to come forward and lend a helping hand to your fellow colleagues ”
– Prakarsh Jain