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DY Patil School of Medicine is well-equipped with laboratories for Preclinical as well as Para-Clinical studies. The university also holds account for having knowledgeable teachers and assistants that guide the students throughout their practical assignments.

The physiology hall comprises activities that allows students to better understand human physiology with the aid of brilliant professors and assistants that hold state-of-the-art knowledge. It is in these demo rooms that students learn the art of OPD clinical procedures like inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation and understand the value of each method.

The biochemistry and pathology laboratories are sites of realizing the importance of bodily fluids and how one factor can make so much of a difference to a person’s health. It is in these labs that each student performs practical studies all year-round as an attempt to perfect their knowledge for investigations and diagnosis.
The microbiology laboratory is equipped with everything necessary to teach students about microorganisms thoroughly and practically. They are taught to view and identify these microorganisms through high-class microscopes. Every week, students are taught how tiny microorganisms can cause major diseases and their prevention & control.
The pharmacy hall is wherein students learn how each drug performs its actions, its side effects and also how much time the drug takes to exhibit its full potential. The students also learn how these drugs are experimented on laboratory animals without any brutality before the drug is released to the masses. It is after going through all these Preclinical and Para Clinical subjects that the students have a complete understanding of the vitality of basic investigations for making a correct diagnosis.