BADAMI, Karnataka Tour

DSC_0018The birthplace of South Indian Architecture in Badami, Karnataka truly leaves  one astounding. One should also experience a visit to the Bhoothnath Temple surrounded by the Agasthaya Lake in Badami.

IMG_8083Patakdaltempe, Gol Gumbaz and IbhrahimRauza are the sure places of architectural interest in the city of Bijapur . Karntaka tour is however incomplete if one misses Banglore . Science centre, VidhanaSoudha and The Supreme Court in Banglore are the places to lay eyes on for mesmerizing experience of this southern state.

4th day started with a small trek to the fort where students visited the Bhootnath Temple and Agastya lake, it was an amazing experience- as the students remarked. On the 5th day , students visited the world heritage site, Patakkadal temple complex.



IMG_0826 IMG_0768

Students anonymously wore dhotis on the 6th day of the tour as they headed to visit Gol Gumbaz and further visited Ibrahim Rauza. On the last day of the tour, students were given a day off to themselves were they shopped from local markets and made wonderful memories throughout the tour.