On the western coast of the Indian subcontinent lies the state formerly known as mysore – KARNATAKA surely did not fail to amaze oneself. From Lotus Temple , Elephant Stables and Vijay Vitthala Temple in Hampi to Aihole Temple.


The Hampi-Badami tour was an architectural study tour of D. Y. Patil College Of Architecture for third year students (2017-18). It was a 10 day excursion for the third yearites  were they got the chance to explore the south Indian architecture.


On the first day, students visited lotus temple, elephant stable and various other local places.The students visited the Vijay Vitthala Temple on the second day of the tour were they documented the temple. On the third day, they left for Aihole temple and learnt more about the south Indian architecture as Aihole is the origin of soth Indian architecture.

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