RAIT  houses a  very  well  defined, state of  the  art  auditorium which  is  equipped  with  the  most  modern  amenities. The grandeur of the auditorium can be very well justified by its majestic interiors and spacious seating arrangement.  The auditorium is fully  air-conditioned and well  equipped  with  high tech  LCDs, screens  and  audio-visual facilities  which are  used  frequently for  teleconferencing  with  other  institutes  within  the campus. The  auditorium   is  also  used for  national  and  international  conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, lectures and various  other events which are held at  regular intervals  in  the institute. The auditorium has hosted several talks by highly acclaimed   speakers from all over the  country.   Eminent  scientists, technocrats, motivational  speakers  and  famous  personalities  have  graced  the  portals  of  RAIT  by  delivering their  knowledge  and  expertise  in  this  auditorium.