B. Tech. in Computer Engineering with specialization in Data Science


Overview Of The Program

Course Overview:

Computer Engineering with specialization in Data Science, abbreviated as CE-DS, aims to create engineers with business analyst skills by mastering data analytics tools. This specialization is designed to craft smart thinkers to develop smart solutions to build intelligent machines, applications with the cutting-edge combination of AI, visualisation technologies and analytics.


  • With enormous growth of e-applications and generation of huge volume of data, the trend is to create intelligence in data driven applications that are smart enough to take decisions without the intervention of the human.
  • A career in exceptional prospective fields and challenging roles in a futuristic industry with career path like machine learning engineering, data scientist, data analyst, machine learning architect, etc.

Course Objectives:

  • Impart in depth knowledge of the key technologies in data science and business analytics namely machine learning, data mining and visualization techniques.
  • Explore real world problem solutions, analyse and study the technologies applied and visualise their effects.
  • Impart hands-on practical experience with Data science programming languages and big data tools, choose the appropriate technologies, apply them to business and societal problems and visualise the results.
  • Understand Big data and employ cutting edge tools and technologies to analyze Big Data.
  • Demonstrate the statistical data analysis knowledge used for business analytics.
  • Differentiate data mining and data analytics.
  • Apply algorithms for building machine intelligence.
  • Develop a sought after engineer who demonstrates an understanding of the importance of being an ethical engineering professional.
  • Apply their communication skills to effectively promote their ideas, goals, or products.

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Harvard Business School Online Integration

HBS Online Programs at Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology  –

The syllabus of RAIT is integrated with HBS online certificate courses. Students have to complete following online certificate courses as a part of their degree.

Semester 2 – Business Analytics

Semester 3 – Sustainable Business Strategy

Semester 4 – Entrepreneurship Essentials

Semester 5 – Economics for Managers

Semester 6 – Financial Accounting

The students who will complete these online courses successfully will be awarded one additional credit per course along with the online certificate from Harvard Business School for each course.

Yeary Syllabus
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