Expert Talk

The Talk  was conducted to showcase the achievements of one of our alumnus of RAIT, Mr. Krishnakant Mishra​ who is listed as one of the persons in​ Forbes 30 under 30-2020.​ He is also known as The Ad-Man”.​The talk revolved around “Journey of a medical aspirant turned to an engineer who has metamorphosed into a venturesome advertiser”.

This 2 hours talk encouraged the students from first year to final year, about the journey right from his 1st year to final year and uptill now. Being the alumnus of RAIT he shared his experiences of his college life to his early days advertising firm and how it helped him shape his overall personality. He guided the first year students and encouraged for overall development in addition to the academic curriculum. The overall session was very interactive. Along with the students, Faculty members also attended the talk of their alumnus student. Total 200 students attended the session. All the faculty members and the students were overwhelmed by his presence and were proud of his achievements. He truly changed to definition of engineering due to which each and every student were motivated and wish to become like him one day.