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Suvarna S Maji a complete overachiever from RAIT, she is a computer engineering student. She carries an overall CGPA of 9.4. Her father is an artisan, works in gold ornament making. Every year there would be financial problem and he would save little by little and have managed to provide education for herself and for her brother so they can always move forward. She has seen them sacrificing many things but she can’t name all of them as it will be a long list. It’s because of her parents little scarifies that make us achieve more with our self. She wants to study well and then she would like to achieve a good level knowledge so she could help others who need it and she would also like to help her Family achieve financially better position.

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About Addteq: 

Addteq is one of the top Platinum Atlassian Experts and the first Platinum Expert in India. We specialize in DevOps, Automation, Plugin Development and Consulting for midsize and global firms. In addition to it’s long list of competitive engagements in Telecom, Media, Healthcare and Manufacturing; Addteq is an industry leader in Atlassian services for financial companies. With a combination of Addteq’s services and our extensive list of partners, we believe that we can provide the best solutions to fit your business. Locations include our Headquarters in Princeton, NJ with additional offices in Los Angeles, CA and Pune, India.

About Sukhbir Dhillon:

An RAIT graduate, Sukhbir Dhillon was born and raised in Mumbai, India. He started Addteq with the idea of automating software deployments and the future of running software shops as a crucial assembly line for manufacturing businesses.