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Recently , the National Medical Commission and the government , with its National Medical Commission Bill, 2019, proposed the idea of a National Exit Test or abbreviated as NExT. It is an examination that has to be cleared by all MBBS students in India in order to obtain a license or practice medicine. Admission to postgraduate courses will be based on the merit of a candidate in NExT. The NExT examination will also be conducted for foreign students instead of the earlier FMGE.
Thus it can be deduced, tentatively, that the MBBS batch of 2019 will be the first one to appear for the NExT. Among the MBBS students of D Y Patil School of Medicine, almost 20%students who are from foreign, appear for the Post Graduate exams. (PLAB,USMLE).The NExT exam is a single window for the MBBS as well as the postgraduate students and is mandatory for all. Institutes will be ranked on the basis of the percentage cleared in the NExT examination. The institutes will be ranked by the ranking committee of the National Medical Commission.
Interestingly, NAAC or the National Assessment and Accreditation Council has a criteria that requires the institute to provide all assistance to the students in their career prospects and needless to say, all these students require an oasis of peace and tranquillity to prepare for their exams.
Therefore it is time to create a space whose time has come. The D Y campus proposes to create a hub, a task force and training centre at the institutional level that will be a first among its kind in any college in India.
The proposed hub called NEXT CAFE DYP will have student work stations.
Two rooms will be provided with six work stations with desktops with (Windows10orlater, i7Processor, 11thgen, 12GBRAM, 1TBstorage) wi-fi, and LAN. Students can solve MCQs, take mock tests, obtain feedback for their improvement surrounded by a delectable ambience of a cafeteria, with a Pantry-tea/coffee/water (self-service), Public display system, smart TV where the information related to NEXT, USMLE, PLAB will be displayed and proper washroom facilities.
A study schedule incorporating all subjects will be prepared in advance and students will be informed of this.
Additionally, there will be a digital Book library, with access for the students to study for their post -graduation online content. There will be a counselling centre and a room for this purpose. There will be a biometric or a smart card access to the study hub to ensure a proper record of entry and time spent by students.
One room will be dedicated solely for guidance sessions with subject experts who will provide answers to the MCQs and also train in -house DYP faculty, which will be a boon for students seeking in solving their doubts. Subject experts in the field of entrance exams will provide their guidance on the NEXT pattern, teaching re-orientation, MCQ creation, and so on.
That was step one in the process of setting up the hub.
The second step is to incorporate and integrate all the aspects of step one into the regular academic schedule. Our in-house faculty will be trained to orient their teaching for the preparation of NEXT/USMLE/PLAB. This is a general training of all the teaching members of the respective departments. The last Saturday of every month, will be devoted to conduct workshops that will orient the students and teachers, conduct updating sessions, hold subject discussions, and understand and apply the art of making appropriate multiple-choice questions.

The following steps will be followed to implement step two.
1. Subject-wise identification of the faculties : From each subject, one or two faculties with outstanding knowledge and commitment may be drawn in to the project. They will become part of a core council comprising of only faculty. [Some faculties have already been identified.]
2. Inclusion in the regular time table : Through the respective BOS, it may be ascertained that the NEXT-specific teaching sessions become a part of regular curriculum.
- 1-2 hours will be dedicated per week for each subject of a particular academic year [For instance - 1 hour each for anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry for 1st prof students.]
- MCQ bank creation : The faculties will be motivated to create MCQ bank for their own subjects. The MCQs will be uploaded on MyDY (LMS).
- Mock tests at the end of every month: The time table for the mock tests will be announced in advance. The test will be conducted for half an hour. It will be followed by the subject expert’s guidance. The report card for individual students may be created. This will include the current score and progression.
- Library hours: As mentioned in step 1, A physical (books) and digital library will be created . Each week, a group of students may have access to the library.
3. Mentorship and counseling:
- Students will be mentored on a regular basis. Faculties designated as mentors for a group of students will be in regular touch, for active mentoring.
- Counseling:- It will be on two counts - (a) Psychological counseling - A medicine student goes through a lot of stress. A professional counsellor can take care of the mental and emotional stress of the students. Regular counselling sessions may be held; or students can seek help through appointment, and (b) Counselling for branch selection (PG) - Based on the personal preferences and SWOT analysis, a student may be guided for the selection of PG branch and career options.

The NEXT CAFE DYP promises to be a great meeting point for success and achievement!