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All classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids and are provided with a comfortable environment for learning and assimilation.

Simulation Laboratory at DY Patil Deemed to be University:

The Simulation Laboratory is one of its kind. Here one can create and recreate several clinical scenarios and students practice in the lab till they acquire necessary skills. The lab comprises of a human patients simulation system, child and infant simulator, Cardiac Catheterization Lab., Endo simulators, Minimal access surgery simulator, USG and Echo simulator and also the task trainers which helps the young nursing students to aquire practical skill of basic nursing care, IV insertions, assisting in ICD tube drainage and tracheostomy, intubations etc. The objective is to safeguard the patients and to perfect the hand skills.

Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory:

Anatomy laboratory is a well-organized lab with the School of Medicine consisting of a human skeleton, models of organs, macroscopic and microscopic structure of the organs along with pictorial charts.

Fundamentals of Nursing Laboratory:

This laboratory is well equipped with all the surgical instruments, articles, glassware, rubber goods, and mannequins such as adult male/female, and new-born for demonstrating nursing procedures. Students are exposed to developing skills by practicing procedures in the demonstration room under the supervision of experienced nursing faculty.

Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Laboratory:

MCH Laboratory is well equipped with a female pelvis, fetal skull, and a delivery simulator along with instruments and pictorial charts.

Community Health Nursing Laboratory:

Community Health Nursing Laboratory is equipped with a Home visit kit, Registers, Family folders, and other articles for skill development in assessment, hand washing, urine testing, surgical dressing, and administration of medications to treat the minor ailment in a home setting. Students are guided to prepare health teaching models, charts, street plays, puppets, and other such related Audio visual Aids to impart Health Education to the public in the community.

Nutrition Laboratory:

Students learn the food preparations, recipes, and also the method of cooking & serving. They are trained to calculate nutritive values and menu preparation for normal and therapeutic diets in an economic way by the nutritionists in their School of Nutrition.

Computer Lab.:

A centralized computer lab with 30 computers having free internet access is available for all students. Students develop hands-on computer operations and learn basics in Computer Science.