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Breast Feeding – Lactation Management

April 23, 2020 Uncategorized, Workshops
A conference on Breast Feeding – Lactation Management was held on 3rd August 2016 at 09:00 am for the faculty members of school of nursing.The resource persons were Ms.Ann Maria Thomas and Ms. Alwin Lisa, Dept. of Maternity Nursing.Total number of participants were 17.
* To extend and up-date participants’ technical knowledge of lactation, and the evidence base of international policy recommendations on infant and young child feeding.
* To develop participants’ capacity to implement policies and strategies to improve infant feeding in the South East Asian countries.
* To enhance participants’ practical skills for working with mothers and babies, acting as resource personnel or focal points on infant feeding, and training others on breastfeeding.
* Optimal infant feeding practices could improve the health, growth, development and even survival of infants and young children.
The conference provided a dedicated forum for the advancement, implementation and exchange of information about Breast feeding. The following topics were discussed in detail during the conference.

* Production of breast milk
* Composition of breast milk
* Benefits of breast milk&Medicinal uses of breast feeding
* Immunity obtained by breast milk
* Problems related to breast milk
* Vaccinations
* Breastfeeding and alternatives
The participants gained in-depth knowledge on breast feeding and lactation management and vowed to apply the knowledge in educating the students in caring for mothers, and in the clinical scenario.

The conference proved to update and equip participants with skills and knowledge for the coordination of action on breastfeeding, training other health staff and acting as resource personnel or focal points on infant feeding.