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Conference Report of NOBICON -2020

April 29, 2020 Workshops
Dr. D. Y. Patil, School of Nursing, Nerul, in collaboration with National Burn Centre, Airoli, had conducted a conference on 18th Jan ,2020 with the goal of evaluating the work force by the doctors, nurses, occupational/ physical therapists and also others.
This report summarizes about the milestones in burns by managing the patients. In this conference, we got to know about the assessment of burns, scar management, dressing materials, surgical equipment’s, inhalation injury and also about the pressure garments.
Around 100 participants were present on that conference to know about the Burn Management of patients. We had invited the following speakers for the conference to share their valuable knowledge with us. The speakers who were invited are as follows:

Dr. Sunil Keswani, Medical Director, National Burns Centre
He spoke on the topic “Scenario of Burns Management in India”, wherein he briefed us about the casualties of burns in India every year and its management.
Dr. Vaijayanti , Clinical Therapist , KEM Hospital
She addressed us on “Occupational therapy”, thereby informing us about the various modalities to develop, recover, improve as well as maintain the skills needed for daily living and working of the patients.
Dr. Aditya Gopinathan, Psychiatrist
He orated us on the topic “Psychological management”, wherein he acquainted us on the various therapies used to treat patients with psychological disorders post burn injuries.
Ms. Nandita Redkar, Nursing Superintendent, Masina Hospital
She delivered speech on “Principles of nursing management post burn surgery”, stating various clinical guidelines for nurses after burn surgeries.
Ms. Priya Karkera, Hon. Secretary IAPEN – Mumbai Chapter
Her topic was “Nutritional management”, thereby informing us about the various nutritional interventions for burn patients so as to promote optimal healing.
Ms. MariyaJaindani, Associate Professor Dept. of Physiotherapy, KEMH
He spoke on the topic “Chest physiotherapy”, stating various modalities for the rehabilitation of the patients with inhalation injuries and chest burn injuries.
Dr. Shruti Dutta,
She orated us on the topic “Tissue engineering”, thus acquainting us about the reconstruction surgery and permanent burn coverage.
Mrs. Shalini Abraham, Associate Professor, DYPSON
She spoke about the,” First Aid Management of Burns,” advising about the first aids steps to be followed for the treatment of burns.
Mrs. Anju Thampi, Tutor, DYPSON,
She orated on the topic,” Burn wound Management,” thus acquainting us about wound dressing, pain control,
removal of dead tissues and prevention of infection.
Mrs. Nisha Mane, Assistant Professor, DYPSON,
She has told us about,’’ Pain Management,” thereby informing us about minor burns and the Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for e.g.,opioids and available things at home for first aid management of burn patients.
Panel members who imparted their knowledge with us were as follows:
Professor Dr. Rita Lakhani, Principal DYPSON,Moderator
Dr. Shilpa Karnik, Administrator, NBC
Professor Dr, Nancy Fernandez, Principal, L.T.C.N., SNDT
Ms. Anita D Souza, Principal, TMH- CON
Ms. Elizabeth David,Chief of Nursing, Reliance Hospital
Mrs. Samina Shirke, Nursing Superintendent, Bombay Hospital and MRC
Mrs. Sandhya Ragam Battu, Nursing Tutor, NBC
To make it a successful event, our students who organized were Mr. Ramesh from 2nd year M.Sc., MS. Rubina from 1st year M.Sc., Ms.Manpreet from 2ndYrPBBSc. Our organizing chairperson were Dr. Sunil M. Keswani, Dr. Prof. Rita Lakhani, organizing secretory were Mrs. Deepa Reddy, Mrs. Sigymol John.
The dignitaries, speakers and the members, who attended the conference, shared their valuable knowledge and made it a very informative conference.
The sections were conducted from 8 am to 5pm. The flow of event is given below:
The conference ended with vote of thanks by Mrs. Deepa Reddy and Mrs. Sigymol John.
The beneficiaries of this conference were 2nd yr.MSc, 1styr MSc 2ndyr P.B.B.Sc. Students.