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The in-service for OSCE and OSPE

May 5, 2020 Workshops
Report: Inservice onOSCE and OSPE Resource person: Dr.Mrs.Simmi Mehra Venue and Time :D. Y.Patil School of Nursing,Nerul at 2.00pm Number of members attended :16

The in-service for OSCE and OSPE held on December 9th 2019 at B. BSc Nursing 4th year classroom by Dr.Mrs.Simmi Mehra.The number of faculty attended was 16 Mrs.Simmi Mehra is a well-known personality and an active member in the MEU of the university. It was a great privilege to have such an eminent speaker.The input and extensive discussion about the OSCE and OSPE was completely effective in means of nursing academic . As nursing capacity deals with different procedures in depth! OSCE and OSPE is definitely one of the best tools that can help the teachers for analysing the student’s status with regard to particular procedure as well as the assess the knowledge of the practice.The nursing capacity is working on inculcating the pattern and INC has already started to revise the syllabus with the same. The tool is also best used during simulation. Simulation based practice can be an addon as well as advanced exposure for the students.So, preparation of OSCE and OSPE is going to be a great support for the faculty.

We D.Y.Patil School Of nursing is completely honoured for her valuable presence and is grateful for all the beautiful thoughts she has shared with us.