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Conference on Stem Cell Therapy

April 24, 2020 Uncategorized, Workshops
D.Y.Patil School of Nursing organized a conference on a new and emerging concept of alternative medicine “STEM CELLS – THE HOPE FOR LIFE” on 3rd August 2018 at Pushpanjali Auditorium, D.Y.Patil Hospital, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Objectives of the conference were –
- To understand how progenitor and stem cells are specified and maintained through the life of animals.
- To understand differences between the development and regeneration of organs.
- To be familiar with clinical problems for which stem cells can provide novel regenerative therapies.
- To Understand the pros and cons of stem cell therapy
- To explain the role of nurse in stem cell therapy
Stem cell transplantation is a treatment options for many patients with hematologic diseases. Stem cell transplantation involves eliminating a patient’s hematopoietic and immune system by chemotherapy and radiotherapy and replacing it with one’s own or another person’s hematopoietic stem cells.

Dr. ShirishPatil, Vice Chancellor, D Y Patil University, Dr. Atul Deshmukh, Director Interdisciplinary research, D Y Patil University attended the conference.Dr.Mrs. Swati V Kambli stressed on the need of understanding Stem cell and Stem cell therapy. Dr.I Joseph PhD, PDF (USA), Scientist & Manager, Wochkhart Hospital, Mumbai flashed on uses of stem cells. The faculties from the Neurogen brain and spine Institute, Seawoods, Ms.Pooja Kulkarni and Dr.Hemangi Mane, MD, Internal Medicine (USA), Deputy Director R & D elaborated on stem cells and their uses in neurological disorders respectively. Cord blood banking a need of the hour was introduced by Mr.MangeshMankar from Cord life sciences (p) ltd.
We had 15 participants.
The participants of the conference got in-depth knowledge on the topic Stem Cell therapy and implication of stem cell therapy in nursing.