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An opportunity of a lifetime has stepped at your campus, where students 21 years & below can become a part of a unique cricket coaching program mentored by the iconic legend, Sachin Tendulkar himself along with the team of Middlesex Cricket County Club from England which is rooted in the rich heritage of the game and has given birth to some of the all-time cricket stars like Dywane Bravo, Adam Gilchrist, AB de Villiers, Andrew Strauss and many more. University students of age 21 can now have the best of both worlds with Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy at your very own D Y Patil Sports Academy.

Dr. Vijay Patil’s passion for cricket has resulted in an international endeavor with Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy, where it’s more than just being a great cricketer but also a great global citizen. All of you can now witness cricket come to life every day on your university grounds where girls and boys both get trained to excel in this action-packed game. Here you shall see talent getting nurtured and kids being motivated to give their best on the field. 120 kids have already embarked on an enthralling journey of cricket on the launch of Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy at DY Patil Sports Academy. It is a place where students are trained with a superior coach to student ratio of 1:10, with a team of elite coaches who nurture the players through the high-class holistic development program.

The TMGA DY Patil Sports Centre derives its values from the 150-year legacy of the Middlesex CCC along with the decade’s old presence of the DY Patil group in India synergizing with the standards that Sachin Tendulkar has set over the years both on and off the field. State of the art infrastructure that is designed to exceed expectations. Nestled in the stunning 72-acre DY Patil Sports Academy campus, the centre offers its members access to some of the best facilities in the country. Wide range of services with access to multiple sports facilities along with health & lifestyle amenities & two immensely pleasant dining experiences. All of these combined with engaging events & a truly devoted team focused on providing an environment of joy & comfort for all members. The TMGA DYPSA Sports Centre draws a lot of influence from the principles of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar and his presence on and off the field. A career that spanned 24 years, consisted of 664 matches.

Simulation in Nursing Practice

DY Patil Deemed to be University’s Medical Simulation Laboratory is India’s first comprehensive medical training facility of its kind. Eight Simulators come together to form this immersive learning experience. Medical Simulation Laboratory has high fidelity patient mannequins, surgical Simulators, diagnostic ultrasound Simulation with augmented reality to train medical students and professionals to become proficient in their skills and techniques. CAE Luna was officially launched in India for the very first time at Medical Simulation Laboratory. CAE Luna is an innovative infant Simulator designed to fulfil clinical training requirements for neonatal and infant care and to simulate critical new-born conditions. The workshop was attended by the senior faculty of D Y Patil School of Nursing and other institutes.

We at D Y Patil School of Nursing are privileged to conduct our SIM lab sessions and case scenario in the Simulation lab. For Nursing Low fidelity mannequins for basic procedures as well as High fidelity systems for advanced nursing, procedures are used. All types of sessions are conducted including the OBGY, child health nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Foundation of Nursing procedures.
SOP for the Simulation lab session for nursing procedures. –
1. Send the list of procedures to the SIM lab personnel
2.Next once the dates for the SIM lab are decided which is 3 days in a month mostly on Tuesdays for Nursing Students then the faculty is supposed to send the list of consumables prior to one week as the SIM lab personnel have to arrange for the procedure.
3. Discuss the procedures with the personnel in terms of logistics and planning. Consumables are procured by the SIM lab team.
4. Prepare the case scenarios checklist and questionnaire and get it verified by the Principal.
5.Also, the pre-test and post-test questionnaire should be formulated and sent to the SIM lab before 1 week.
6.The faculty members discuss as a team and prepare themselves and practice from 4-5 in the SIM lab one day before the session.
7 On the day of procedures the students report to the SIM lab by 9 a.m. so that the pre-test can be conducted.
8. Case scenarios are discussed with the students and demonstrations are done.
9. At the end of the session, the post-test is taken. Follow up is done with the students.
10. The progress of the students and feedback are uploaded on the learner’s system. List of SIM lab sessions
Fundamentals of Nursing: 1st year B.B.Sc Nursing

The college has a well-developed system for providing IT facilities for the users. Some of the facilities are as under:

1. Almost all the departments have LCD projectors, printers and scanners.
2. The computers and printers of all the departments have software installed in them and the Hardware is also maintained from time to time.
3. The college website is monitored and updated from time to time by the IQAC cell of the college.
4. The computers and printers of administrative block and Computer Lab are connected in LAN.
5. The whole campus of the college has Wi-Fi facility with a speed of 60 mbps.
6 Four computers of the college are connected with printers and scanners wherever required.
7. Rest of the computers have internet facility via Wi-Fi
8. The institute has 2 smart classrooms for better teaching learning process.
9. Rest other classrooms have movable LCD for Power Point presentation of students at PG level
10. Four laptops have Internet facility via Wi-Fi for preparation of power point presentation as teaching learning materials
11. The maintenance of computer, Internet Wi-Fi networking, installation of software and maintenance and up gradation of hardware is done by IT department.
12. The college has annual maintenance and repairs of computers and also for up gradation of its website.
13. Maintenance and up-gradation is done from time to time. Computer lab is well-equipped with branded PC's adequately supported by 32 Mbps leased lines for internet connectivity. It is also equipped with a wide range of licensed system software and application software. The entire campus is connected with LAN Messenger. Computer labs are well connected to the internet help students and faculty to carry out their academic and other work. Lab assistants are available to support students and faculty in their queries. As per the requirements of access point 10/100 (Megabits) or 100/1000 (Gigabit Switches) are used. Wi-Fi facility: IT department extend the complete support to the students. It is made available by setting and installing the Wi-Fi zones at various locations such as Reading halls, Hostels, Department corridors and at the green lawn area. Staff and Students can access this facility on their laptops by registering themselves. The institute has currently Wi-Fi access points to provide the Wi-Fi internet access through Wi-Fi zones. The institute is planning to extend this further to create and establish a Wi-Fi enabled campus. The school has good facility and latest IT infrastructure in the campus to support the teaching and learning process Dedicated computing facilities: Internet/WIFI in all classrooms, LCD Projectors, audio-visual Classrooms, Total number of systems available: 8.


A student’s focus is dependent on a lot of factors- one of the most important factors being the environment. The DY Patil Deemed to be University classrooms are a perfect blend of comfort and functionality, with a seating capacity of over 250. The plush seating coupled with wide, visible screens makes the transaction of knowledge easier than ever. The classrooms are designed to incorporate and integrate audio-visual teaching aids for presentations, CMEs, and lectures. DYPSOM has piloted comprehensive educational models, newly developed curricula for the undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by this institute.

The classrooms are located on the 3rd, 4th, and 5thfloor of the Medical College Building. The classrooms are not the only locations where classes are taken. Each para-clinical faculty has its own facilities in the form of “Demo rooms” which are utilized for practical purposes whilst teaching smaller groups. With the clever coupling of technology and traditional board and pens, the classrooms at DY Patil Deemed to be University have become akin to a haven of knowledge.