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Students Council

Dr. D. Y. Patil School of Pharmacy has its own council which consists of selected students who work together as a team and conduct various extracurricular activities throughout the academic year.

It consists of students, who are categorized into various committees for smooth and effective working of the council. Presiding over the student’s council is our Principal, Dr. Rakesh R. Somani followed by Faculty In-charge Mr. Pravin P. Naik. The council is divided into many committees for the smooth functioning of all events that take place in college. Right from the inaugural function, fresher’s, Social activities, Community activities, Sports and Cultural activities, the student council member’s work together to make each and every event a grand success.


1. To represent the interest of our school by taking into account the ideas and opinion of the student body,
2. To encourage the spirit of cooperation among the students, parents, teachers and administration,
3. To provide an opportunity to develop and demonstrate the qualities of leadership.
4. To continuously promote the overall development of the student through emphasis on co-curricular activities.
5. To enhance the sense of ownership towards the college by encouraging student participation.

Student Council Members List-(2021-22)

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Khush Jain (TYBP) General secretary
2 Ms. Tushara Sattur (SYBP) Assistant General Secretary
3 Ms. Fariah Rizwani (TYBP) Cultural Club - Secretary
4 Ms. Prachi Chavan (TYBP) Cultural Club – IPA Asso. Cultural Secretary
5 Mr. Harsh Yadav (TYBP) Sports Club - Secretary
6 Mr. Raj Jain (TYBP) Sports Club - IPA Cell Member
7 Ms. Himanshi Chorotiya (TYBP) DRIVES Club Secretary
8 Ms. Sejal Mehta (SYBP) Literature Club Secretary
9 Ms. Siddhi Kodal (SYDP) Editorial Club Secretary
10 Ms. Kruti Parekh (TYBP) Editorial Club-IPA Joint Editor
11 Mr. Neelansh Bhartia (TYBP) Health club - Secretary
12 Ms.Sakshi Singh (TYBP) Health Club - IPA Associate Public Health Officer
13 Ms. Divya Kolekar (SYDP) Finance Club - Secretary
14 Ms. Bhargavi Nimkar (SYBP) Finance Club - IPA Joint Finance Member
15 Mr. Prasad Sarwade (TYBP) Pharmacy Education Club - Secretary
16 Mr. Himanshu Jain (TYBP) Pharmacy Education Club - IPA Joint Pharmacy Education Officer
17 Ms. Vaishnavi Dabhadkar (TYBP),
Mr. Amit Tiwari - (SYBP),
Renee Lobo (FYBP),
Akanksha Thakur (FYBP),
Dakshita Barwad (SYDP),
Nameeta Chikhalkar (FYDP)
Public Relation Club - Members
18 Ms. Chahat Bindal (TYBP) Public Relation Club - IPA Joint Public Relations Officer
19 Mr. Ujwal Shah (SYDP) Executive Club - Secretary
20 Ms. Janvi Srinivasan (SYBP) Executive Club - IPA Cell Member
21 Mr. Yash Kamble (TYBP) Social Media Club - Secretary
22 Ms. Sahana Mankame (SYBP) Student Exchange - IPA Joint Student Exchange Officer
Student Council Responsibilities