Parent Teacher Association

Mission and Vision

We envision to work in partnership with a wide array of individuals, who are the primary stakeholders in student education. This would help us broaden and enhance our ability to nurture the new generation of skilled professionals.


1. To develop and foster good relations among the faculty, students, and their parents/guardians.
2. To create a sense of responsibility in members for the smooth running of the college, good discipline, and high academic standards.


The Parent-teacher committee is responsible for:
1. Organising parents teachers meetings during the induction of the students (BPT as well MPT) and after each terminal examination in the following years
2. Preparation of parent’s teachers meetings schedules after consultation with the batch in charge
3. Facilitating feedback from parents through the organization's feedback committee.


Parent-teacher meetings are usually held during the induction of the students and after each terminal examination in the following years
o Conduction of internal as well as University examinations related work as per university notifications and policies
o Preparation of internal examination schedules.
o Preparation of University examination schedules and submission to the University for approval.
o Devising supervision duties for Internal as well as University examination in accordance to the college & clinical responsibilities.
o Enlisting panel of external examiners and communicating to the University.
o Foreseeing prompt submission of Internal assessments to the university
o Ensuring timely validation of papers for appropriate formats and typing errors.
o Concocting the hall ticket issuance, seating arrangements, examination execution
o Ascertaining timely completion of answer book evaluations and moderation in order to facilitate speedy results.
o Formal reporting of use of unfair means by the students and execution of the needful procedures.
o Facilitate procedure for re-evaluation or re-examinations if applicable

Parent Teachers Committee Composition 21-22

Name of the Faculty Designation Contact No Email Id
Dr. Shreevidya Karthik Chairperson 9867568584
Dr. Sathya P Member 9167986403
Dr. Pranita Ganjave Member 9664821336
Dr. Dnyanesh Patil Member 9920661874
Dr. Sukhada Prabhu Member9594343224
Dr. Riddhi Shroff Member 9769491687
Dr. Amruta Nerurkar Member 9967910372
Dr. Bindya Sharma Member 7977084760