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Program Offered

Bachelor in Physiotherapy (B.P.T)

The aim and objectives of the B.P.T curriculum are to educate and train a student as a qualified Physiotherapist who will be able to impart health services safely and effectively to the community in terms of health promotion, functional diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dysfunction in different fields of medical science.
The teaching and training program shall be evolving one and there shall be more emphasis on demonstration, clinical work, seminars, and group discussion than on classroom teaching. The student shall have clinical experience in different fields like Orthopedics, Neurology, Chest and Cardiac conditions, Paediatrics, and Surgery. Students shall visit and work at community centers like primary health centers, geriatric homes, paraplegic homes, orphanages, NASEOH etc. as a part of training for community rehabilitation.
The progress of the student shall be monitored through seasonal examinations. A record of student’s work shall be maintained which would form the base for internal assessment. The students shall be encouraged to do clinical presentations, participate in group discussions and seminars, to prepare community-related projects to enable them to develop personality, expression, and acquire a depth of knowledge.

Post Graduate Programs

Sr. No. Programs
1 M.P.T (Musculoskeletal Conditions)
2 M.P.T (Neurological Conditions)
3 M.P.T (Cardio-Pulmonary Conditions)
4 M.P.T (Community Health)
5 M.P.T (Sports)

Ph.D Program

DY Patil deemed to be University, School of Physiotherapy has been running the Ph.D. program since the year 2011. The program offers a platform for those aspiring to pursue research in the field of Physiotherapy and affords them opportunities to bring structure to their research ideas and have them implemented through a process of rigorous elimination and improvisations.
The course with its emphasis on high-quality research is a medium that will go a long way in creating a strong evidence base in the field of physiotherapy and will upgrade the available body of knowledge for clinical and academic purposes in a substantial way.