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Research Data

Sr. No. Name of the Student Project Guide Project Title
1 Malbarwala Simran Dr. Shalaka Patel Assessment of functional capacity, lung function and fatigue in post COVID patients.
2 Pol Pratiksha Dr. Sarvesh Shirsat Effect of knee pain on ADL’s in traffic police using kujala and SF-36 scale as outcome measures.
3 Supe Uma Dr. Kirti Jadhav Assessment of level of physical activity and cardiovascular endurance corporate workers.
4 Birje Aishwarya Dr. Aishwarya Vaidya Reaction time, hand-eye coordination and speed between gamersvs non-gamers.
5 Misquitta Zita Dr. Prathamesh Nikam Anxiety, depression and insomnia in healthcare workers of various disciplines and its association with food habits.
6 Padwal Aishwarya Dr. Rishabh Sharan To study the multisystem impairments in individuals within 6 months after COVID infection: A survey based study.
7 Kadam Nidhi Dr. Tanvi Belvalkar Correlation of fear avoidance beliefs with functional status due to musculoskeletal problems.
8 Manjrekar Akshay Dr. Bindya Sharma Psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on athletes and its relation to the post lockdown sports injuries.
9 Motta Omkar Dr. Summaiya To study level of cognitive impairments in age groups of 40-60 years in healthy Indian population.
10 Ruchi Jollys Das Dr. Shradha Pawar Awareness of role of physiotherapy in COVID-19 among general population.
11 Afreen Naik Dr. Titiksha Pol Workplace stress and occupational burnout syndrome among active medical workers during COVID-19 pandemic in Mumbai.
12 Ramachandran Smruti Dr. Sukhada Prabhu Cardiopulmonary fitness in young adults with inactive, minimally active and heap active lifestyle.
13 Londhe Aarti Dr. Riddhi Shroff Comparison of back muscle endurance and hamstring tightness in individuals with subacute low back pain and without low back pain.