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Research Projects

Name of the student Research Project
Roma Shivdasani Effect of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) in management of patients having neck pain with mobility deficits.
Samar Kazi Association of risk factors with neurodevelopmental outcomes in pre-term and full-term infants
Vithika Rai Determining the effects of executive function training in addition to balance training on balance functions in individuals with post stroke hemiparesis.
Shirley Jayaprakash Effect of tele-rehabilitation mediated physical exercise intervention on physical performance and cognitive function in older adults.
Sejal Potnis Formulating a predictive equation for 6 minute walk test to estimate vo2max in healthy adults in the age group of 26 to 50 years
Niraj Rao Skeletal muscle strength and quality of life in patients recovered from sars cov-2 infection
Anvesha Anerao Short-term effects of cervical spine mobilization versus combined effects of cervical spine mobilization and thoracic spine thrust manipulation in patients of neck pain with mobility deficits.
Madhura Bobade Effect of dental implant surgeries on hand muscle and joint position sense in dental implant surgeons
Rushabh Savla Effects of barefoot training programme on balance and agility in cricket players
Palak Lunagariya The jebsen taylor hand function test and purdue pegboard test as a manual dexterity performance measure in post stroke patients and healthy controls
Shardul Sutar Development of a novel agility test for badminton players and assessment of its validity and test-retest reliability
Nikita Murkute Identification of significant risk factors for developmental delay in children up to 3 years: a case-control study.
Gufran Jalgaonkar Identification of risk of anterior cruciate ligament (acl) injuries in kabaddi players using modified landing error scoring system (mless)
Ketaki Khandekar Correlation of navicular drop and foot posture index with static and dynamic balance in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Apurva Worlikar Comparative study of audio vs audiovisual stimulus during treadmill running
Prachi Mhaske Immediate effect of buteyko breathing and deep breathing exercise in females with primary dysmenorrhoea
Aditya Anvikar 2d motion analysis of trunk and knee flexion angle in recreational cyclists with bike fit and non-bike fit
Sahejleen Kaur Correlation of core stability and functional movement screen test score with sports performance in badminton players
Shweta Mestry Comparison of the added effect of thoracic mobility exercises on hand grip strength in subjects with chronic mechanical neck pain
Preksha Jain Correlation between throwing accuracy and upper extremity joint position sense in cricketers.
Janvi Jain Effect of reaction ball drills on hand-eye coordination and reaction time in recreational female cricket players
Sanjana Arun Datar The effects of aerobic training with virtual reality on cognitive flexibility in young adult females.
Kritika Sinha Estimating and obtaining predictive equation for vo2 max from pacer test in adults ages 26-50 years
Shivani Shingala Effects of plyometric training on reactive strength index and agility in basketball players
Jinal Palwe Immediatel effect of kinesiotaping on dynamic balance, joint proprioception and reactive balance in basketball players having ankle instability
Natasha John Comparison of physical parameters, activity levels, fatigue and anorexia in rheumatoid arthritis patients with age and gender matched controls
Mayanka Pande Effects of theraband strengthening hip abductors, adductors, flexors and plantar flexors in footballers with medial tibial stress syndrome
Vayeda Parita Immediate effects of kinesiology taping on static and dynamic balance following quadriceps muscle fatigue in footballers
Sushant Poojary Efficacy of advance thrower’s ten program in fast bowlers - a randomized control trial
Abhishek Mandlik Association of mental toughness with physical performance in football players
Ankita Kale Effect of bosu ball exercises on ankle instability and dynamic balance in cricket fast bowlers
Shabarish Menon Immediate effect of virtual reality training on task related neck pain and muscle fatigue in dentists
Karan Mamotra Effect of music-based interventions on balance function and motivation in individuals with parkinson’s disease – a pilot study
Dhruvi Patel Effect of yoga ( pranayama) and deep breathing on pulmonary function test in post covid -19 patients using tele rehabilitation