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DYPU is a preferred destination to recruit from, for a large number of companies. We feel validated in the quality of education and experience we provide to our students when a majority of our students are successfully placed on campus. Each of our programmes is designed to give our students a balanced education with theory as well as practical knowledge. In addition, they are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities as it helps them develop soft skills and develop well rounded personalities. It is this that differentiates our students and makes them a valuable part of any company they join. About or Nearly 600 students from the DYPU campus sit for placements every semester, of these almost 100% succeed in securing a job.

Why recruit from DYPU?

World class curriculum and faculty
over 85% of our faculty members are extensively experienced professionals with a perfect blend of academics as well as industry, and are actively involved in research and journal publications. Our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest in technology and research.

Students with experience in industry
the DYPU Program ensures that every student has spent over 6 months working in industry even before graduation. The program exposes them to real life applications of their course work and teaches them to work in a collaborative environment. The Practice School gives students the vital experience needed to adapt quickly to careers in industry.

Balanced personalities
We believe wholeheartedly in helping students develop to their potential in every field of their interest. Soft skill development is made part of class-room experience through presentation and open ended learning components.

Extracurricular activities
student managed clubs and events give them further avenues to express themselves and develop skills beyond academics.

Placement Process

• The placement scenario at all our campuses has always been extremely positive; most of our students have their career paths charted much before graduation. Almost 600 students from the DYPU campus sit for placements every semester, of these almost 100% succeed in securing a job.
• Approximately 300 reputed companies visited our campuses in the previous placement season 2021 -2022, a number of whom were repeat visitors.

Students' Profiles

• Students from various degree programmes will be available for recruitment during January - April, from all entire DYPU campus. Students are admitted based on same admission criteria across the campus. Majority of students will graduate in June.