Office Of The President

Dr. Vijay D. Patil - President, D Y Patil University, Navi Mumbai.

An incandescent leader, a charismatic visionary, a fervent entrepreneur Dr. Vijay Patil is a shining beacon in the field of education, sports and health care in young India. Applauded and recognised in all three fields around India his quest for delivering the best in each domain continues to prevail. He strongly believes in developing and delivering state of the art projects that will differentiate and sustain for years benefiting young India.

Education - A computer engineering himself from the prestigious Mumbai University makes him very approachable for students, staff and faculty. Students interact with him regularly on learning and teaching experience such that the collaboration between faculty and students is a strong bond.

Sports - Dr. Vijay Patil is instrumental in envisioning and creating the internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary D. Y. Patil Sports Stadium first time in India. It is an architecturally challenging project that brought in many new technologies that India sports stadiums never experienced. The 40,000 seater stadium is rated as the words 6th best cricket stadium by the Architect’s Journal of Britain. The D Y Patil University is the first of its kind to invest into grassroot sports development infrastructure making it a complete university experience.

Healthcare - A vision from the founder Dr. D Y Patil to create a medical facility for lower income segment of growing India is compassionately followed Dr Vijay Patil. Today the campus is proud to have 1,500 bed charitable hospital offering low cost healthcare facilities to many. The hospital is driven by Dr Vijay D Patil to ensure D Y Patil University contributes little by giving back to the society and local communities.