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D. Y. Patil University School Of Ayurveda and Hospital was established in the year 2004 with permission from the State Government of Maharashtra, Central Council of Indian Medicine [C.C.I.M.] and Dept of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi,India.

This is the foremost Ayurved College in Maharashtra where the medium of instruction is English with an intake capacity of 100 students. Ayurved, which literally means "the science of life", is the natural healing system used throughout India. Ayurved was originally known to have been first developed and established by the great sages who developed India's original systems of meditation and Yoga. The study of Ayurved includes herbal medicine, dietetics, body work, surgery, psychology and spirituality. It not only deals with medical science, but also with the social, ethical, intellectual, and spiritual life of human being. In recent years a more science-savvy take on Ayurved has spread to distant parts of the world including the United States, where it has begun to flourish alongside other holistic, patient-oriented, natural, non-invasive medical system. At D. Y. Patil University School Of Ayurveda and Hospital the students are exposed to all these wonderful opportunity of Ayurved health science. continue reading...