Advisory for COVID – 19 Crisis

Basic four fold measures:-

  1. Ahar (Food Habits)
  2. Vihar (Personal & Social Habits)
  3. Rasayana Therapy (Therapeutic measures to boost immunity)
  4. Aushad (Medicine)

1.     Ahar (Food Habits):-

  • Always drink warm water
  • Drink tea made with Tulsi, KaliMirch (Black pepper), Adarak (Ginger), Lavang (Clove) &
  • Drink black coffee or Lemon tea
  • At night drink Golden Turmeric Milk (In 150ml milk + half spoon turmeric + bit sunthi powder)
  • Consume freshly prepared warm food twice a day (at right time)
  • Eat available fruits as per
  • Eat homemade

2.     Vihar (Personal & Social Habits)

  • Take sound sleep at least for 7-8 hours in the night. Possibly avoid sleep in the
  • Do gargle everyday with warm water &
  • Take one spoon of Til Tail in your mouth, circulate it in mouth around 7-10 times, hold it and spit after some time. It should be followed by warm water (Mukha Prakshalana)
  • Put 2-2 drops of Sarso Tail in each nasal cavity in morning &
  • Do Yoga, Pranayam & exercises every day for at least half an
  • Chant Aum or Bhramari or be silent for 10 minutes and observe the breath.
  • Stay at Home, Step out only in case of emergency with all Covid – 19 precautions.
  • Take lavang & Elayachi in your mouth when you go
  • Take bath & wash your clothes with warm water as soon as you come back
  • Wash all vegetables / fruits with warm water + salt
  • Sanitize rest of things that you bring from the
  • Avoid going in crowdie area, Follow social
  • Use handkerchief / tissue paper while coughing or
  • Use Namaste as welcome
  • Wash your hand regularly with soap for at least 20sec. Do not touch your hands on your
  • Download “Arogya – Setu” App in your mobile

3.     Rasayana Therapy (Therapeutic measures to boost immunity)

  • Take Chayavanprash daily – 10g in morning & evening
  • Rasayana Kwath – 10g in morning having empty stomach (2 cup of water + 10g kwath medicine, boil it, when half of cup of water is balanced, filter it and drink this warm water)


  • Triphala, Trikatu, Madhuyasti, Haridra, Giloy, Munnaka, Eclayachi & Tulsi Kwath.
  • Giloya ghan Vati – 2 x 2
  • Tulsi ghan Vati – 2 x2
  • Ashwagandhadi Churna – 2gm
  • Bhumyamlki Churna – 2gm

4.     Aushad (Medicine)

  • For less than 3 years old kids – Sitopladi Churna – 200mg
  • Balchaturbhadra Churna – 75mg


Two times a day with Honey

  • For 3-10 years old kids – Sitopladi Churna – 1g
  • Trikatu Churna – 500mg Giloy Satva – 125mg


Two times a day with Honey

  • Gojihvadi Kwath – 10g
  • Vat Shaleshmik jwarhar Kwath – 10g
  • Maha Sudarshan Ghan Vati – 2 x 2
  • Samsani Vati – 500mg
  • Sanjeevani Vati – 125mg

Note:- All the above instructions will help you in keeping yourself healthy & will also help in increasing your immunity power. However, the advisory does not claim to be the treatment for COVID 19 but it gives strength to body in order to fight with Covid – 19. Please take all the above mentioned medicine or other Ayurvedic medicine after consultation of Ayurvedic Physician. Please avoid self-medication. D. Y. Patil Ayurvedic Hospital is providing best care facilities for patients with expert Ayurvedic Physician.