Contribution Of DYPSOA in Covid – 19 Pandemic

  1. DY Patil Ayurvedic Hospital, Nerul, Navi Mumbai is working hand in hand with DY Patil General hospital situated in the same campus and which is notified as Non Covid Hospital with 100 beds dedicated to Covid-19 patients as per order of local authority i.e. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC).

  2. As per University order, Ayurvedic Hospital in association with general hospital is working towards restricting the communal spread of the infection at various places.

  3. Our staff had gone through various training programs as per guidelines of authorities like Ministry of AYUSH, CCIM, MCIM, and Directorate of AYUSH. Our dedicated staff members are trained as per instructions. We have implemented trainings of WHO, I GOT the govt. site for various courses and MCIM training as per DOA Maharashtra. (Annexure – 1)

  4. Our Teaching staff, PG Students & Interns are working there as per schedule in causality, screening & Isolation area.

  5. Our teaching staff is also taking regular online lectures, around 34-36 lectures per day. Maximum number of students are attending.

  6. DY Patil School of Ayurveda has prepared Immunity buster Ayurvedic Kadha & Chavanprash and distributed the same, free of cost to all medical and para medical staff working in high risk areas with help of Ms. Shah Distributers, Vashi. We have advised them about Yoga and various diet regimens to improve immunity power. (Annexure – 2)

  7. An immunity booster medicine in the form of tab / chavyanprash provided by one of the leading & famous Ayurvedic pharma company shree Dhootpapeshwar Ltd. was distributed to COVID-19 Warriors in large quantity(Annexure – 3)

  8. DY Patil Ayurvedic Hospital prepared one advisory on ‘how to stay healthy’ in such conditions for all the working people. (Annexure – 4)

  9. The Hospital also released an advisory for our staff about precautions to be followed at working place when with the patients. (Annexure – 5)

  10. Students of DYP School of Ayurveda prepared an awareness video based on Ministry of AYUSH Guidelines. (Annexure – 6)

  11. With the help of our students, our IT Team at the DY Patil University prepared an awareness video for general Public. (Annexure – 7)

We have also collaborated with various Institutes for research on Covid-19 like –

  • Clinical evaluation of Chyawanprash (CP) with Golden Milk (Milk with Turmeric Powder) as a preventive remedy in pandemic of COVID-19 – An open label, Multi centric, Randomized, Comparative, Prospective, Iinterventional Cclinical Study on Healthy adult

  • Individuals at higher exposure risk for Dabur Pharma through Target Institute of Medical Science & Research.

  • Clinical Evaluation of Curcumin extract 500 mg Capsules (95% Curcuminoids) for its immunity enhancing activity/as a preventive remedy in the current pandemic of Covid-19 – A Placebo controlled, double blind Randomized, clinical study on healthy population (front line community and health care individuals) through Target Institute of Medical Science & Research.

  • Evaluation of Clinical Efficacy of Tab AIOM-Z for Prevention of COVID – 19 Pandemic in High Risk Healthy Adult Policemen – Single Arm, Open Labelled, Prospective Exploratory Interventional Clinical Study with Shree Dhootpapeshawar Ltd.

  • One Research project with Ministry of AYUSH is in the pipeline.