Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy

Overview Of The Program

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning to yoke, join or unite. This implies joining or integrating all aspects of the individual – body with mind and mind with soul – to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life, and spiritually, uniting the individual with the supreme. Naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine, is a form of alternative medicine based on a belief in vitalism, which posits that a special energy called vital energy or vital force guides bodily processes such as metabolism, reproduction, growth, and adaptation.


1. Minimum Age – 18 years
2. Qualification – Minimum 12th Passed
3. Languages – Hindi & English
4. Student should not suffer from any chronic illness which will Prevent him/her to practice & teach Yoga.

Duration Of Course

1 year

Calendar Year

July 2019- June 2020

List Of Documents

1) Four passport size photographs
2) Xerox of educational qualification
3) Residential Proof
4) Fitness certificate by doctors if required

Subjects Covered

6 Subjects

Yearly Syllabus
  1. Foundation & philosophy of yogic science & Yoga sutra
  2. Practical aspects of  yogic science (Theory & Practical)
  3. Foundation of naturopathy
  4. Method & Treatment by naturopathy
  5. Anatomy of human body
Grading System

Minimum 40% in Each subject- Theory and practicals

Total Fees

1. Full Time : – Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (Friday Optional)

Timing:- 10.30 am to 2 pm   (Sat.) 12 to 4 pm

  • Full fees at time of Admission
  • If paid in installment then 50% of fees at time of admission & balance 50% pay in September plus late fees.
  • Rs.2000/- late fees ( if students pay in instalments)



Contact Details

Shivkumar Mishra
9322920332 / 9323920332 / 02230965819