Executive Summary of Aharavalokanam

The School of Ayurveda, DY Patil Deemed to be University, Nerul, Navi Mumbai has successfully organized, ‘Aharavalokanam’- Online Faculty Development Programme on Integrative aspects of ‘Ahara’, from 2nd November 2020 to 7th November 2020.

It comprised of more than 30 hours of knowledge packed sessions with 34 expert speakers from the domain of Ayurveda and modern nutrition & dietetics all around the world. We received a tremendous response of over 1800 registrations from Ayurveda as well as other healthcare participants. Happily inform you that around 15,000 views on Facebook for this FDP received & still it continues. All FDP Lecture & Videos will remain on our University website & Facebook page. Anyone can refer to any time.

‘Ahara’ or diet being the central theme, the FDP consisted of six modules, viz., Poshanam (Classification of food and nutrition), Sambharam (Preparation of food), Karanam (Principles of food), Swasthyanuvartanam (Dietetics-Plan of diet), Aturaharam (Clinical dietetics and nutrition) and Anveshanam (Scope and Novel concept of diet). The topics were discussed in detail by eminent speakers and a very beneficial academic environment was experienced by the participants.

FDP DAY 1  2.11.2020

The main objective of this FDP was to promote and impart insightful knowledge of the Ayurvedic Diet and its benefits. To provide a practical experience to participants, demonstration of ‘Traditional Food Recipes’ from AYUSH Systems of Medicine issued by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India was done through videos and well explained by our expert faculties. It was our honor to have Shri Shripad Yesso Naik, Honourable Minister of AYUSH, Govt. of India as our chief guest for the inaugural ceremony, in presence of Dr. Vijay Patil, Hon. Chancellor, DY Patil Deemed to be University, Navi Mumbai on 2nd November 2020.

Hon. Chancellor, Dr. Vijay Patil Sir, expressed gratitude to Hon. Shri Shripad Naik sir for his gracious presence at the inaugural function of Online F.D.P. Hon. chancellor sir also appreciated efforts taken by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India for the revival of Ayurveda & its globalization.

Hon. Shripad ji Naik Sir appreciated the contribution of DY Patil Deemed to be University in the field of medical education & healthcare. Sir emphasized the importance of Ahar (diet) in the maintenance of health in healthy persons as well as the treatment of diseased. The innovative idea of conducting FDP on integrative aspects of Ahar was highly appreciated by Hon. Minister.

In the Inaugural function Guest & delegate’s are welcome by Dr. Mahesh Kumar Harit, Dean, and a Vote of Thanks Deliver by Dr. Mrutdul Chitrakar, Organizing Secretary, Aharavalokanam. The first module, ‘Poshanam’ was covered on day 1 i.e. 2nd November 2020 by Dr. Mrudul Chitrakar, Dr. Vedvati Bhapkar, Dr. Kamalesh Kumar Sharma, Jaipur, and Dr. Mansi Patil, Pune. The speakers covered details of Ahara and Poshana as per Ayurveda texts and changing diet patterns in the present era and Principles of Ahara in Ayurveda as well as principles of medical nutrition.

In the second module, ‘Sambharam’, on day 2 i.e. 3rd November 2020, preparation of food, rules, and hygiene while preparing food according to Ayurveda as well as modern nutrition were covered. Eminent speakers, Dr. Hitesh Vyas from Jamnagar, Dr. Shruti Phatak, Dr. Mita Kotecha from NIA, Jaipur covered all aspects of this module such as kitchen and characteristics as per Ayurveda, diet customization as per Prakriti, and myths and facts about Ahara.

The next module, i.e. ‘Karanam’, started on 3rd November and it was started with the elaboration of the approach of Ayurveda to the science of cooking followed by a modern nutrition-wise overview of different cooking processes and nutritive values of foods. The sessions were presented by Dr. Sowmya Nair, Kottacal, Kerala, and Miss Anuja Sonata, Mumbai.

Day - 2 Banner FDP DAY 2 2020-11-03 (2)

The ‘Karanam’ module was continued on day 3 i.e. 4th November 2020. Various aspects of this module, such as food processing techniques and regulations concerned with the food industry, preservation and processing of food and their impact on health and Discipline of Eating – A correlation between principles of Modern science and Ayurveda were covered by speakers. These topics were presented by Dr. Prabodh Halde, Nagpur, Ms. Fatima Radhanpurwala, Mumbai, and Dr. Mohan Joshi, Pune.

On 4th November 2020 the next module, i.e., ‘Swasthyanuvartanam’ was commenced. In this module, preparation of diet chart in healthy individuals as per phases of life and Ayurvedic diet management in pre & post-natal care were covered by Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, Mysore, and Dr. Rupali Panse from the USA.

FDP DAY 3 2020-11-04 (2) FDP DAY 3 2020-11-04

The ‘Swasthyanuvartanam’ module was continued on day 4 i.e. 5th November 2020. In this session, the basics of Ayurveda OPD diet chart planning and the importance of Pathyapathya in treatment and diet chart planning were covered. Also, special aspects of diet planning such as sports and fitness related diet planning as per Ayurveda were deliberated. The staple diet in various states of India for evaluating the reach of Ayurveda in local dishes was also discussed. Distinguished speakers for this session were Dr. Girish Shirke, Pune Dr. Mrudul Chitrakar, Mumbai, Dr. Onkar Bilgi – one of our Alumni, and Dr. Jayan Damodaran, Kerala.

After taking care of health-related aspects, the next module of ‘Aturaharam’ was started on the same day. To start with, the key features of hospital food preparation for oral and tube feeding as well as other aspects of therapeutic diet as per modern nutrition and dietetics were discussed by Miss Datta Patel and Dr. Shilpa Varma from Mumbai.

Day - 4 Banner FDP DAY 4 2020-11-05 (2)

The Ayurvedic aspects of ‘Aturaharam’ were continued on day 5 i.e. 6th November 2020. A detailed discussion about the preparation of IPD- based diet chart and Panchakarma Sansarjankrama specific diet, concepts of Ayurvedic therapeutic diet, preparation of balanced diet chart using Ayurvedic diet principles in lifestyle disorders and seasonal diet regimes were presented. The role of dietary interventions in Nutritional disorder and the Contribution of Ayurveda in the National Programme was also discussed. Distinguished speakers of this session were Dr. Tanuja Nesari, Director, AIIA, New Delhi, Dr. Medha Kulkarni, Prof., AIIA, Dr. Sadhana Babel, Pune, Dr. Mangalgowri Rao from BHU, and Dr. Mukund Sabnis from Aurangabad.

Research and evidence-based presentation are the keys to the augmentation of Ayurveda. The last module, ‘Anveshanam’ catered to these aspects. In this module, carried out today in the morning session, novel diet concepts such as concepts of Nutrigenomics, Nutraceuticals, and Functional Foods were discussed. An Overview of research work and future scope in Ayurvedic dietetics and Novel opportunities for Ayurvedic nutrition and dietetics were also elaborated. Exemplary initiatives by the Ministry of AYUSH for mainstreaming of principles of Ayurveda nutrition & dietetics were also stated. These aspects were covered by illustrious personalities like Dr. D. C. Katoch, Advisor, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, Dr. Debjani Dasgupta, Director, DYP, Biotech & Bioinformative, Dr. Anupama Krishnan, Kottakal, Kerala, and Dr. Vinay Pawar, Mumbai.

Day - 5 Banner FDP DAY 5 2020-11-06

The participants received a real knowledge feast with the panel discussion on ‘Integration of Ahara principles with modern nutrition & dietetics- Prospects and Concerns’. It was graced by stalwarts such as Vd. Jayant Deopujari sir, Vd. K.S. Dhiman, Director General, CCRAS, Ministry of AYUSH, Dr. Kamalesh Kumar Sharma, and Miss Jyoti Arora from AIIA, New Delhi.

The unique feature of this FDP was the presentation of various Ayurvedic diet recipes, both traditional as well as with a contemporary touch. These recipes were sourced from ‘Traditional Food Recipes’ from AYUSH Systems of Medicine issued by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

All the lectures in this FDP were received by faculty and others with great enthusiasm. It was evident from their scholarly questions and responses received. We believe that this collaborative effort by the school of Ayurveda, DY Patil Deemed to be University, Navi Mumbai will set new benchmarks.

Further, I happy to inform you that we are going to publish Souvenir of this program, which comprises all topics presented by honorable speakers in the last 6 days, Photos, feedback from delegates & other details also. Here we will also suggest some future action plans related to ahar based on our FDP inputs to authorities like the Ministry of AYUSH & CCIM like the option of an elective course on ahar, Research projects, modifications of Ahar, and policy to the popularised concept of Ayurvedic Ahar in Ayurvedic practitioner & general public etc.

On this occasion I want to remember the contribution of my Aharavalokanam team, FDP on Ahar, initial idea was mine, it was elaborated by Dr. Mrudul Chitrakar, supported by Dr. Vinay Pawar & Dr. Vedvati Bhapkar. You all have experience technically hassle-free program of last 6 days, it was operated by Dr. Pratik Patil with Dr. Amit Mujumdar, Dr. Sudarshan Hande, Dr. Vishal Kulkarni & Dr. Rasika Suryarao and they have also provide session to session information to all delegates on time. Initial videos prepared by our students & staff of HMCT and further addition done under the guidance of Dr. Nilesh Suryavanshi. In the last 6 days, different – different faculties conducted sessions as host by Dr. Shradha Nayak,

Dr. Sayali Shintre, Dr. Ekta Tomar, Dr. Vedika Bhoir, Dr. Rasika, Dr. Shital Agarwal, Dr. Mugdha Salve, Dr. Aditi, Dr. Pradnya Chaugule, Dr. Shama Karekar, Dr. Kavita Turumbekar & Dr. Vinay Pawar. It was well guided by Dr. Mangala Wange & Dr. Hema Madam. Our special thanks to Hon’ble Vd. Jayant Devpujari sir for his presence and inputs. I am assuring you sir that our Institute will continue to provide quality & innovative education to our students and remain high standard in education. As you know sir that we are a pioneer of simulation-based education in Ayurveda & also designed 11 Value added courses for students to provide a more practical & clinical oriented experience. My sincere thanks to Dr. Katoch sir, Dr. Kamlesh Sharma Ji for their support & guidance.

FDP DAY 6  2020-11-07 FDP DAY 6 2020-11-07 (2)