Garbhasanskar CME Practical Implementation

Objectives of the Programme:

To promote & propagate Garbhasanskar among

To bring in a healthy progeny for the welfare of

To create awareness in society about Garbhasanskar

DYPSOA CME 2020 (4)

Platform: Zoom Virtual Platform, DY Patil hospital.

Date: 27/11/2020

Time: 11:00 AM onwards.

Organiser: Prasutitantra –steerage department, DY Patil School of Ayurveda

DYPSOA CME 2020 (3) (1)

Organising Committee-

Dr.Divya Ramugade ,HOD & Professor Prasutitantra And Striroga Dr.V.C.Bawane ,Asso.Professor, Prasutitantra And Strirog Dr.Varsha Gaikwad ,Asst.Professor Prasutitantra And Strirog Dr.Gandhali Acharekar, Asst. Professor Prasutitantra And Strirog


Dr. Yogesh Joshi (Managing Director Garbhasanskar Antenatal Service PVT LTD)


Dr. Subhash Marlewar  (Associate Professor, Prasuti Tantra & Stree Roga Department. R.A. Podar Medical Hospital (Ayu), Worli)

As we know Garbhsanskar is a very old science. We can read the Importance and way of Garbhasanskar in our Vedas, Ayurveda and many other ancient Indian Literatures. In India we have been practicing it since our ancient times, that is why we were blessed by many brave, Intelligent people. They had made India proud by their Inventions and Achievements.

And today’s science has proved that Intrauterine Baby can not only listen but feel, touch & also can respond by its own way. More than 60% of intellectual development occurs during intrauterine phase.

The programme started with the blessings of Lord Dhanvantari by playing Dhanvantari stavan followed by short introduction given by Dr Varsha Gaikwad.

Dr. Harit (Dean Sir) gave speech about significance of Garbhasanskar, it’s importance, need of it in community.

Dr. Varsha Gaikwad gave brief introduction of both the guest speakers.

DYPSOA CME 2020 (9)

Dr. Yogesh Joshi, Session 1-

  1. Started his speech at 11:20AM.
  2. He talked about- Supraja, Beeja Sanskara, Correlation between modern lifestyle & immunity of foetus & factors essential for
  3. Explained six garbhakar
  4. Beeja Sanskara- Ayurvedic Eugenics- Physical Detoxification, Mental
  5. Duration of Beej Sanskara programme- 5
  6. Session ended at 12:00PM.

DYPSOA CME 2020 (8)

Dr. Yogesh Joshi Session 2-

  1. The next topic was on the practical implementation of
  2. Covered the following points- What is Sanskar, Need of Garbhasanskar, What should be included in Garbhasanskar, Mind training session, Importance of diet, Garbhasanskar session schedule.
  3. He shared data analysis of Garbhasanskar programme conducted by
  4. Ended his session at 12:50 PM.

The session was very much interactive.

Dr. Subhash Marlewar Sir further elaborated & gave his inputs. He explained how garbhasanskar is important for today’s stressful women who are multitasking in different roles.

Q&A session-

Q&A started at 12:55 PM.

  1. Gandhali Acharekar put forward the questions asked by participants to Dr. Yogesh Joshi Sir which were answered by Sir.
  2. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Harit (Dean) Sir & Dr. Divya (HOD) Ma’am. Garbhasanskar CME ended at 1:10PM.

Many faculty members, paramedical staff, first year to final year students had attended this programme. More than 180 people participated in this event


DYPSOA CME 2020 (7)