M.D. Ayurved [Agad Tantra] 

Overview Of The Program

This department comprises of three subjects Agadtantra i.e. Toxicology, Vyavhar Ayurved i.e. Forensic Medicine & Vidhivaidyak i.e. Medical Jurisprudence. Agadtantra deals with detail study of poisons, whereas Vyavhar Ayurved & Vidhivaidyak deals with medical aspect of law & legal aspect of medicine respectively.

Objectives :

  • It gives complete knowledge of various kinds of toxicities & legal procedures.
  • Forensic Medicine & Medical Jurisprudence is a challenging area of medical specialization which comprises of law & medicine.
  • It is concerned with a broad range of medical, legal, and ethical issues, as well as human rights and rights of individual.
  • The knowledge of this subject is very useful in medical practice as well as to the society.
  • Scattered references of Agadtantra & Vidhivaidyak are there in ancient texts which need to be studied with modern perspective.
  • Through postgraduation various researches can be carried out. For eg. efficacy of anti-poisonous drugs mentioned in ancient texts in cases of poisoning, prevention of toxicities, detoxification of poisons & their use as a medicine.
  • For practical application of the subject,  PG students are advised thorough reading of Samhitas & Modern literature, practical training of Medicolegal autopsy, court procedures by arranging visits.


Duration Of Course

3 years

Calendar Year


List Of Documents

1. I BAMS Marksheet

2. II BAMS Marksheet.

3. III BAMS Marksheet.

4. BAMS Passing certificate.

5. Leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate.

6. Internship completion certificate of University

7. Internship completion certificate of College

8. MCIM Registration certificate

9. Degree Certificate

10. Bonafide/Character certificate of last attended Institute

11. Gap Certificate

12. Nationality /Domicile/Birth Certificate/10th Passing

13. Cast & Validity Certificate

14. Migration Certificate (Out of State students)

15. Name change Gazette Certificate

16. Affidavit Annexure wise original

17. Photos – 10 copy

18. Fitness Certificate

19. All Original Documents this sequence &

20. 2 Xerox sets with attested compulsory.

Subjects Covered

Research Methodology & concerned subject

Yearly Syllabus


Grading System

50% passing in theory & practicals

Fees Per Year

Rs. 5,50,000