M.S. Ayurved [Shalya Tantra] 

Overview Of The Program

Teaching Modalities & Aids :

  • Teaching aids – OHP, LCD, Slide Projectors
  • Seminars, Regular Tutorials, Guest lectures, Compilations, Debates etc.
  • Free E – journal access
  • Special coaching available for slow learners
  • Shloka Competitions
  • Regular workshops and hands-on tarining, for an immersive student experience
  • Special resources used by Department:
    – Hi Tech Operation Theatre
    – Advanced surgical instruments like Laparoscope, Video endoscope, etc.
    – Sigmoid scope
    – Specially designed Ksharsutra section.
    – Live demonstrations of various surgical and parasurgical procedures like Agnikarma, Ksahrsutra, Suturing etc

Innovative Practices:

  • Separate Ksharsutra preparation unit & Parasurgical procedures used in different diseases
  • Setup of laproscopy and endoscopy instruments so that students receive thorough knowledge of latest techniques.
  • Conduction of free surgical health checkup camps to serve society healthcare needs.
  • Regular syllabus upgradation with integration of useful topics to existing syllabus from other disciplines.


Duration Of Course

3 years

Calendar Year


List Of Documents

1. I BAMS Marksheet

2. II BAMS Marksheet.

3. III BAMS Marksheet.

4. BAMS Passing certificate.

5. Leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate.

6. Internship completion certificate of University

7. Internship completion certificate of College

8. MCIM Registration certificate

9. Degree Certificate

10. Bonafide/Character certificate of last attended Institute

11. Gap Certificate

12. Nationality /Domicile/Birth Certificate/10th Passing

13. Cast & Validity Certificate

14. Migration Certificate (Out of State students)

15. Name change Gazette Certificate

16. Affidavit Annexure wise original

17. Photos – 10 copy

18. Fitness Certificate

19. All Original Documents this sequence &

20. 2 Xerox sets with attested compulsory.

Subjects Covered

Research Methodology & concerned subject

Yearly Syllabus


Grading System

50% passing in theory & practicals

Fees Per Year

Rs. 5,50,000