Ayurveda is an ancient science, to maintain the health of healthy person and to cure the diseased one is the aim of Ayurveda. Panchakarma is the branch of Ayurveda. This includes the purification measures. Shodhana is radical treatment which prevents recurrence of diseases.

Panchakarma is unique branch of Ayurveda. This branch gives us solution of almost all diseases. It is having the five treatment modality mainly as, Vamana, Virechan, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshana.SnehanaSwedana is the pre-operative measures of panchakarma.


It is a kind of poorvakarma for panchakarma. It is of two types, AbhyantarSehapan (internal oleation), BahyaSnehapan (Abhyanga/ external oleation). This is helpful in many disorders specially VATA diseases. It gives lubrication to all joints and body. It mainly includes Abhyanga (Massage) and Shirodhara.


It is also one of the poorvakarma. Different application of heat is included in this therapy. It is helpful in VATA dosha and neuromuscular disorders. In sudation therapy KERALIAN PANCHAKARMA has many modifications. These therapies are helpful in many conditions.


Vamana is the best treatment for KaphaDosha. It eliminates Kaphadosha from the mouth. This is a measure Shodhana process. Especially it is conduct in VASANT rutu.


Virechana is the best treatment for PittaDosha. It eliminates Pittadosha from the anus. This is a measure Shodhana process. Especially it is conduct in SHARAD rutu. Virechana is a process helpful in almost all disorders. It detoxified the body and make the rejuvenation of the person.


Basti does the eradication of vatadosha from their root pakwashaya and hence all other dosha which is having shelter under the vatadosha these also get relived automatically as the vata is the root cause of all the disease. It is helpful in all age group has since child to old person basti will beneficial.

Nasya It is nasal drops which are helpful in all brain related disorders. In this different medications are used to cure the disorders which are particularly affecting the upper part of the body. Especially it is given in Insomnia, Headache, Stress, Paralysis and other neurological problems.


This is process in which the impure blood should remove from the body by different methods. It includes LEECH application, VENOUS puncture etc. modalities to let out the impure blood from the body. It is helpful in all skin disorders, blood related disorders.