Vasantic Vaman Camp 2016

Vaman-Vamana is the best treatment for KaphaDosha. It eliminates Kaphadosha & toxins from the mouth. . Panchakarma Department has organised seasonal purification camp i.e. ‘Vasantic Vaman camp 2016’. It is from 22/02/2016 to 05/04/2016. Every year routinaly we are conducting the camp &many patients are getting benefited from it.
Vaman is induced in early morning between 7am to 9am as this is kapha kala. It is found to be safe and beneficial to do vaman karma in vasantrutu
VasanticVaman is useful for healthy as well as diseased person for preventive & curative purpose. Vaman can be given according to the dosha predominant stage in any season but if it is given in VasantRitu (Kaphaprakopkal) it gives wonderful result as AcharyaCharak has stated that best time toeliminate dosha is “Doshabahulyastage.  Ideal time period for Vaman is vasantritu i.e. month ofFebruary and March. Invasantritu, kapha is at its maximum level in the body and vaman is best remedy for kaphadosha.Environment heat also helps in its easy excretion from the body by melting it. But in diseased condition one can opt Vaman at any time according to the need. Vaman can be given according to the dosha predominant stage.
Vaman is indicated in all kaphaj or kaphapredominant disorders as said by acharyas, Vaman is beneficial in Peenus (sinusitis), Chronic cold, , Allergic & inflammatory conditions, Asthma , Bronchitis Pharyngitis , Stomatitis , Laryngitis etc.  Skin diseases such as eczeema, psoriasis,Acne Urticaria etc.& It gives permanent solution to various skin disorders . Vaman is also useful inMental disorders, Epilepsy etc.

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