Write-up for guest lecture organized by Department of Agadtantra

Department of Agadtantra organized a guest lecture on the topic of –“Psychological Problems around us and Psychotherapist within us” on 20/04/2018 at 2:00 to 4:00 in virtual classroom. Mr.Swapnil Bhopi (Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist) was the respected speaker for the above topic. We are really pleased to have speaker like him.


 After felicitation & introduction of Mr. Swapnil Bhopi sir in the presence of respected Dean Sir, we started the session. Mr. Swapnil Bhopi sir is presently working as a clinical psychologist & psychotherapist in sir J.J.group of hospital. He is also practicing in Mana-Sparsh Neuro-Mind care clinic at Kharghar.


He shared his experiences with us during lecture. He explained thoroughly about different kinds of psychological problems that we are facing during our day to day life, the impact of these problems on our mind & body and how it ultimately affects our health.  During lecture he specially focused on psychological problems of students, which are major cause for increase in suicidal tendency in students. Mr. Bhopi sir gave good direction to all of us & students about how to overcome these all psychological problems.


Sir explained different terms of psychiatry, types of mental disorders, their causes, and management in very simple words. He also explained his experiences about some medico legal cases. This was very beneficial to our staff & students to understand forensic psychiatry which is part of our syllabus.

In this way sir had given us valuable knowledge about how to deal with psychological problems & become healthy not only with physical fitness but also with mental well being. The programme was attended by 31 professor & 54 students.