BIOZEST- Intra-school sports fest held on 13-14 February, 2017


On the 13th and 14th February, DY Patil School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics held their intra-college sports event ‘Biozest’. Our school took part in the inter-college sports event ‘Olympia’ and stood third in it. The main aim of Biozest is to awaken the budding talents of our college in the field of sports.
This event started off with Mashal run where our faculty member Dr. Namdev Jagtap held the torch along with Mr. Naveen P, Ms. Lavanya Joshi, Ms. Sneha Dokhale and Mr. S.K. Roy. They were followed by our fellow sportsmen who took part in ‘Olympia’. Mr. Naveen officially declared Biozest open to the college students.
Different events were planned which successfully took place over the two days. Interactive events like “Minute to win it”, “Sumo Fight”, “Treasure Hunt” and “Catch the egg” took place. Minute to win it had small games like balancing balloons, unleashing cards and stacking up plastic bottles in the form of a pyramid. These games attracted a lot of people and were quite entertaining. Sumo Fight was a highlight as students had to wear huge costumes of sumo wrestlers and fight in the ring. This event had the maximum participation from teachers as well as students. Treasure Hunt got people on their feet and made them move around the campus for clues. It was a test of who knew the college better and Nidhi Agrawal aced in it as the winner. Catch the egg has been a favorite of the students since the past few years as it is a fun event that leaves the loser with messy hands.

biozest box cricket carrom chess

The other main events include Football which got all the boys out to play and show their skills as others cheered for them. The cricket fans had Box Cricket which witnessed a lot of participation. A lot of cricket enthusiasts played the game with the right spirit. Out of the 6 teams that participated, the winning team included Krishna Yadav, Danish Shaikh, Suneet Kamat, Sahil Kulkarni, Manisha Pawar and Sonali Nandi who turned out to be successful. Kho-Kho, the favorite game of every 90’s kid was played by almost everyone. Dodgeball was played spontaneously by the students. Carrom and Chess were played indoors. Ajay Bhaskar and Nishant Ganesh were winners of carrom , while Vyankatesh Zambre won the game at chess. Table Tennis was won by Sailee Amre. Also, the cricket match between the teaching and non teaching staff was the final event with non teaching staff prevailing over the teachers.

catch the eggOverall, Biozest was a success as teachers and students actively participated in it with the right amount of enthusiasm and spirit. Our Sports Secretaries Mr. Elton Jalis, Mr. Mihir Apte and Ms. Rucha Deo did a wonderful job at organizing this two day event and making sure it runs smoothly. A huge thanks to Prof. Debjani Dasgupta, Director and the sports committee for their continuous support throughout the year with our events.


DSC_0025 DSCN0588 IMG_7721 IMG_7836 IMG_7958 minute to win it rink football running x and zero sumo fight