List of students registered for Ph. D at School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics


Scholar name





OngoingHrishikesh DixitBiotechnologyPh. D. course workDr. Arpita Gupte
30OngoingArchana  JagtapBioinformaticsMolecular Modeling studies to understand GPCR- ligand interaction

Prof. Debjani Dasgupta


OngoingAnkita UmraoBiotechnologyEvaluating the efficiency of Swasthrakshak™ in cancerProf. Debjani Dasgupta


OngoingPatel Ravindra DhirubhaiBiotechnologyDesign and Study of Novel Perfusion Bioreactor for Culture of Anchorage dependent mammalian cells

Dr. Madhavi Vernekar

27OngoingNeha Nandkishor NeelamBiotechnologyOxidative stress and antioxidant status in sickle cell anemia:Biochemical and genomic analysis

Dr. Deepa Garg


OngoingSuchismita MazumdarBiotechnologyAnalysis of Predictive Biomarker for Hsp90 inhibitors in Squamous Cell Carcinoma patients of Indian ethnicity.Dr. Jyoti Patki
25OngoingRajeshri MokashiBiotechnologyDevelop an effective and commercially viable biologic product for human use out of ‘ conditioned medium’ developed from the human dental pulp stem cells.

Prof. Debjani Dasgupta


OngoingBandekar Rekha PradeepBiotechnologyEvaluation of toxicity of Phyllanthus niruri aqueous extract on male reproductive system of Wistar rat.Dr. Liji Thayil
23OngoingMhatre Bhakti  AshishBiotechnologySynergistic effect of Morinda citrifolia on chemotherapeutic drugs

Prof. Thankamani Marar


OngoingKudale Subhash Sukhadeo AnjanaBiotechnologyBiochemical characterization and analysis of bioactive compound using hairy root system in Spilanthes acmella L. and Solanum nigrum L.

Prof. Neetin Desai


OngoingUchgaonkar Priti VikrantBiotechnologyAssessment of antibacterial potential of marine microbes

Prof. Debjani Dasgupta


OngoingParvate Yadnya AniruddhaBiotechnologyStudies of efficacy of plant derived molluscicide against pestiferous land snail Achalina fulica.

Dr. Liji Thayil


OngoingPatel Smriti Rajan SujathaBiotechnologyQbD based optimization of downstream purification of recombinant human interferons.Prof. Debjani Dasgupta


OngoingShivale Nilima ShankarBiotechnologyStudy of antioxidants from marine bacteria

Dr. Mugdha Harmalkar

17OngoingPurushothama  Hanumanthaiah  SiddagangammaBiotechnologyComplete in vitro characterization of umbilical cord Wharton’s jelly derived mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSC).

Dr. Jyotsana Rao


CompletedSonawdekar Sheetal YogeshBiotechnologyStudies on hydrocarbon degraders and metal bioremediationDr. Arpita Gupte
15CompletedGhatak Arindam Alok MalaBiotechnologyProteomic & Metabolomic study in Apomictic and non-Apomictic  Pennisetum glaucum (L) R. Br

Prof. Neetin Desai


CompletedKamble Reshma Bhagwan NandaBiotechnologyScreening of alkalophilic starch degraders and characterization of enzymes.Dr. Arpita Gupte
13CompletedChheda Anuj Haresh HeenaBiotechnologyFermentative production and application of ε poly-L-Lysine.

Dr. Madhavi Vernekar


CompletedPushkaraj Priyanka VartakBiotechnologyDegradation and decolourization of textile dyes and effluents by laccase enzyme from wood rotting fungus.Prof. Debjani Dasgupta


CompletedParab Mala MakarandBiotechnologyMolecular characterization of Ivy gourd.

Dr. Sunita Singh

10CompletedSingh Nishtha AmarBiotechnologyBioremediation of antibiotics using Rhizobium: An environmental friendly approach.

Prof. Neetin Desai


CompletedGore Mohini MihirBiotechnologyAnalysis of bioactive compounds and evaluation of anticancer activity of Blumea species.Prof. Neetin Desai
8CompletedRenitta JobbBiotechnologyIsolation, characterization and bioremediation of heavy metals by Rhizobium spp.

Prof. Neetin Desai


CompletedBhat Manish Ravindra NilimaBiotechnologyStudies on L-asparaginase from soil microbial flora.Prof. Thankamani Marar
6CompletedJha PamelaBiotechnologyStudies of phytoremediation of textile dyes using hairy roots.

Prof. Neetin Desai


CompletedParvathi SatheeshBiotechnologyGenetic diversity and barcoding in microbes.Dr. Sunita Singh
4CompletedSingh Kanchanlata Chandrashekhar SubhavatiBiotechnologyEvaluation of the influence of vitamin E on camptothecin induced toxicity – in vivo and in vitro studies.

Prof. Thankamani. Marar


CompletedSonawane Tareeka Dilip KalpanaBiotechnologyEffect of Vincristine and Embelin on Steroidogenic Pathway of Wistar RatProf. D A. Bhiwgade
2CompletedJagadish P KhadilkarBiotechnologyA Study of Environmental Aspects of Antarctica With Special Reference To The Changing Logistics Scenario And Its Relevance To India

Dr. K. Powar


CompletedKawalkar Hemant Mahadeo PadmavatiBiotechnologyComparative Analysis of Nuclear and Chloroplast DNA Regions as DNA Barcode for Phylogenetic Analysis at Generic and Species Level of Family Liliaceae

Prof. Neetin Desai