M. Sc. Biotechnology

Biotech Cover Photo
Overview Of The Program

Biotech education is key to sustainable development and conservation of planet earth. Be it creation of artificial life, stem cell research or gene mapping, biotechnology and bioinformatics have revolutionized our lives. Spectacular discoveries and advancements in biotechnology have led to the development of any array of products in the area of healthcare, agriculture and environment.
1. Attain theoretical and practical knowledge about tools and scientific approaches used in biotechnology and how their application in solving societal and commercial issues.
2. Critical analysis of primary literature in the field, oral presentation of published research and communication of this to peer group.
3. Ability to work effectively in a team or independently in the laboratory and elsewhere
4. Achieve in-depth exploration of emerging technologies, innovations, and new products that are noteworthy to the biotechnology industry,
5. Facilitate survey of published literature, define an original problem for inquiry, design and execute experiments to test this problem, analyze the data, and present the research in writing or orally.


Eligibility for appearing at AIET – 2016
A graduate student having completed any of the following with minimum 50% marks
B.E. / B. Tech Biotechnology / B. Tech Bioinformatics / Chemical Engineering / Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Biomedical Engineering / Bioprocess Technology / B. Pharmacy / M.B.BS. / B.D.S. OR M.Sc. and equivalent.

Duration Of Course


Calendar Year

July 2017 – June 2018

List Of Documents

1. Graduation / Equivalent Examination mark statement and Certificate.
2. Post Graduation / Equivalent Examination mark statement and Certificate, if applicable.
3. AIET M.Tech 2016 mark statement
4. Bonafide and character certificate from the Head of the Institution last attended .
5. Leaving and / or Transfer Certificate from the Institute last attended. 6. Nationality Certificate
7. Domicile Certificate, If available
8. Residence Proof
9. Backward Class / Caste Certificate if applicable, duly verified by the Competent Authority
10. Passport (in case of Foreign Nationals / Wards of Indian Origin / Wards of Non Resident Indians)
11. Physical Fitness Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.
12.Income / Salary certificate of parents

Yearly Syllabus

Semester – I
• Cell Organization and Biochemistry
• Molecular Biophysics and Analytical Techniques
• Microbial Biology
• Biology of Immune System
Semester – II
• Animal Biotechnology, IPR and Entrepreneurship
• Molecular Biology
• Basic Techniques In Molecular Biology
• Plant Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology
Semester – III
• Diagnostics and OMICS
• Bioinformatics
• Bioprocess Technology
• Research Methodology & Biostatistics

Grading System

65% Theory
35% Practicals


I Year
Rs. 1,25,000/-
II Year
Rs. 1,15,000/-


Rs. 2,40,000/-