SPECIES 2018 – The Annual Cultural Fest celebrated on 17 – 19 January 2018 with the theme ‘Nostalgia’

‘SPECIES’ is the cultural festival of the School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. The previous years have always managed to gather a huge crowd. The festival has been a host to various events that cater to the hobbies and inclinations of all students from the departments. Species has earlier been based on a variety of themes, like CASTLE, PIRATES, VILLAGE, TRANSFORMED, DECEPTION and UNSUNG HEROES. Our fest is stretched across three days full of happiness, joy, cheer and enthusiasm. The fest is a celebration and is full of competitions which bring out the best in people.
The theme for this year was NOSTALGIA-Let’s Rewind which let us take a walk down the memory lane. This year we attempted to celebrate and re-live the ‘good old days’ of the 90s era. The heart-warming cartoons, amazing music, trend-setting movies, captivating novels and vivid comics were celebrated with much gusto.
NOSTALGIA- Let’s Rewind’.


Slide2Day 1 of Species 2018: The Annual Day Celebration began with a lamp lighting ceremony and a wonderful performance by radioisotones and transposons. The Chief Guest of the event was Mr Kallol Banerjee along with the dignitaries – Honorable Vice-Chancellor Dr Shirish Patil, Director Prof. Dr Debjani Dasgupta and Dean Faculty of Science and Technology Dr Thankamani Marar. After the welcome address by our Director and Chief Guest’s speech that painted the nostalgic days of yesteryears; the students were felicitated for their academic achievements. This was followed by a small cultural program. The Padmashree Dr D Y Patil Auditorium was filled with a cheer and enthusiasm. The post-lunch events included intercollegiate competitions for Solo Dance, Drama and Group Dance. The crowd cheered loudly for all the artists who had performed on stage and they left the auditorium looking forward to next two day of Species 2018. A huge wave of cheering spread through the crowd as they dispersed for lunch, eager to return to the upcoming drama and dance events.

The intercollegiate events started with dance performances. Then competitions -based on the theme of Nostalgia- in the field of drama and dance were held. The fifteen solo dance performances were whacky and entertaining. The winner of solo dance was Sandeep Choudhari, while Akshata Kshirsagar was the runner-up.

The emotions expressed in the three drama performances were heart-rending and the message was received loud and clear, although the language in which it was performed was Marathi. RAIT Kalaraag won the competition, while Jaivarangayatan was the runner-up. Awards for Best Actor (male) and Best Director were awarded to Omkar Kadam (Jaivarangayatan). The Best actor (female) was awarded to Dhanashree (RAIT Kalaraag).


Group dance competitions followed drama competition, in which seven crews participated and the prizes were announced after a lot of deliberation by the judges. The winner was ksquad, while KJ Somaiya came in second. The crowd cheered loudly for all the artists who performed on stage and they left the auditorium exhausted, and looking forward to next day of Species 2018.

Day 2 of Species 2018 kicked off with the Zumba exercise, headed by Kishan Gupta and group. The students and teachers actively participated and shook a leg along with everyone. The music was groovy and it gave the crowd an energetic vibe which was needed at the beginning of the day.


The debate ‘Cascade of words’ started at 11 am. Round 1 started off with six teams which were whittled down to best 3 teams. The topic of the final round was ‘Should diplomatic immunity be waived in case of an accusation of human rights violation’. The three teams put forth very valid points and spoke well in their defence. The winning team was Priyanka Desai and Priyanka Mudaliar. The best speaker was Sharvary Rahatade who fluently proved her point.


The afternoon saw a fun-filled event of ‘Teacher’s antakshari’ while eighteen solo and seven pairs of duet singers were belting out melodies in the singing competition. The singing competition was judged by Piyush Rajani. Solo singing competition’s winner was Lalit Khairnar and second prize was awarded to Joshua Salines. The duet singing winners were Gouri Konnur and Disha Negi.


This was followed by ‘mono-acting’, on stage, where the ten participants conveyed their emotions flawlessly. The event was judged by Dinesh Singh, who is an actor as well as a cinematographer. In this event, the second prize was awarded to Urmil Saiya (from Hiray college of architecture) but the judge decided that Rucha Deo’s acting was moving too, and she was a close second, so she was awarded a consolation prize.

Mono-acting was followed by an ‘open-mic’ which saw a lot of enthusiastic students taking to the microphone and serenading the audience.

Subsequently, a rap battle and beat-boxing performance rolled onto the stage.

The audience was refreshed when a band performance came on, and everyone had their hands up in the air, waving with the music and clapping to the beat.

The fashion show was a hit among the audience as they familiarized themselves with the latest trends in the world of fashion. The competition was judged by Neola D’Souza and Meenal Shah, who declared Jai Hind College as the winner.

While all the above events transpired successively, there were a few events which were open to participants all-day long. There was a gaming arcade, a haunted house, Takeshi’s castle, life-size knots and crosses, and karaoke. The haunted house was a big hit as it scared quite a lot of people.

Day 3, Species 2018: The Dance workshop was the first event conducted by Rahul Yadav and group. The choreography was easy to pick up and had everyone grooving to the ‘Kaala Chashma’ song. Next, was a battle of memories as the ‘Nostalgic Quizzle’ was held on stage with 6 teams vying for the top. The winners of the quiz were, Pooja Sodhani and Kanchan Surve while Aneesh Risbud and Hussain Dhariwala bagged the second prize. In the canteen, the teachers displayed their cooking talent as they handed out delicacies to everyone, in the ‘Teacher’s Masterchef’.

Around 130 participants gathered for the Seminar by Odigoshub, where they acquired knowledge on how to plan for their future, the internships, GRE and related exams. Simultaneous to the seminar, the arena near the stage had tables full of a variety of food, for the event ‘Man V/S Food’.

Also, there was a photography workshop which gave pointers to novices, on equipment and basics of light painting. It was conducted by Priyank Shah, the club head of Photochromes. The stage was set on fire, when the bands battled, in the event- ‘The Battle of Bands’, the winners of which were evaluated by ‘Dr rock-your-bands’.
The second day’s all-day events, which were- a gaming arcade, a haunted house, Takeshi’s castle, life-size knots and crosses, and karaoke- were continued with an addition of the treasure hunt.

The event concluded with “Bollywood Unplugged” and “Winter Ball (the DJ night)”.