‘SPECIES’, the annual cultural festival of the School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics and is a kaleidoscope of a variety of events that showcase the varied talents of the students in literary, performing and fine arts. This event is enjoyed by both students and faculty alike and that makes this fest a success.
The student council’s main objective every year is to design and come up with events that were influenced by the theme chosen for that particular year.
Held over three days, the fest is a three day event filled with happiness, joy, cheer and enthusiasm with hidden talents coming to the fore. The formal event is held at the University auditorium the highlight of which is the prize distribution ceremony is held to felicitate and acknowledge achievers amongst students and staff.
The theme of the last edition was TRANSFORMED’ which stands for an ingenious amalgamation of the three disciplines of the school: Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering.  With respect to Biotechnology transformed stands for any new feature/trait/gene that is taken up by an organism for evolution and speciation. For the automobile fanatics of Biomedical Engineering, it was related to the Sci-fi fictional movie series TRANSFORMERS. The coding and artificial intelligence within Bioinformatics discipline will justified the theme in its own way.
A multitude of unique events and competitions mark the festival –  make-over transformation competition, waste to art competition, robo soccer, man vs food, bike-show, fashion show, treasure hunt etc. Theme based skit competitions and monoacts focusing on societal issues like dowry deaths and the rising numbers of student suicides are evidence of the conscientious attitude of the students.
Workshops on photography, zumba & speed reading are conducted every year depending upon the interests of students.