The technical festival of School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Technoczar 2019 begin with a green and cheerful mood as the theme this season was “Vanoathsave.” The first event on the Technoczar platter was: Enigma where 21 projects were on display. The students participated in groups of three to five.


Slide2The spirit and effort of the students was truly inspiring. The ideas and projects put forward were innovative and thought provoking.The judges for the event Mr Mahesh Parihar from IIT, Bombay and Vibha Gajbe our faculty appreciated the displayed projects. At the end of the event results for enigma First runner up team consist of the members: Rasika Makari, Abhijeet Koltharkar and Selva Kumar Konar from B.Tech Bioinformatics and Data Science 1st year, while the winning team was of Adithya Acharya, Nandini Darji and Sonali Patil from B.Tech Biotechnology 2nd year. Also the consolation prize was given for the event to the team (Arsala Khan, Ekta Dhopte, Anish Koli and Sarah Ghazi) from B.Tech Food Science and Technology.

A ‘Mental Math’ quiz was conducted on the stage by Bhavesh and Sharath Rao from 12:30-1:30 in which 7 teams participated in the group of 2. Total of 30 questions were asked to the students and to solve each question 30 seconds were given. The team to answer first was given a point.


A dance work shop was also organized to bring in the fitness angle to the fest. Team Technoczar extended the Technical bonanza to under privileged students. This was followed by a ‘dance workshop’ by Mr Abijit and team pumped everyone up for the long day adventure ahead.


‘One reel’ the short film making competition witnessed 5 super short films from different colleges addressing issues like social media misuse, gender equality and caste based reservations. It was a difficult task for the judge to choose the best film and with much difficulty; we got winners as the team K.J Somaiya College titled “Virtual Table”.


Slide6Laser Tag and Robo Soccer were on all day and got many entries throughout the day. An inter and intra college competition was conducted for the Robo Soccer event, which witnessed the participation of other colleges like Father Agnel and many more. More than 200 students played Laser Tag.


Other fun events included Bad Wire, spice it up and Blow the cup caught everyone’s attention. An animation workshop was also conducted on 19th January 2019 as a Technoczar pre-event. The animation competition was also kept during Technoczar. The day ended with prize distributions and appreciations with a promise of keep the spirits high on contribution towards saving our ecosystem and environment.