31st Indian Society for Dental Research International Conference

Date & Venue: 27th October- 30th October at D.Y Patil University, School of Dentistry.

31st Indian Society for Dental Research International Conference, held in Mumbai was envisioned to be one of the largest international education and research conference for dental faculty, researchers, technologists and professionals from the education sector.

It was an event where experts from all of over India came together to share their vast knowledge on dental education and enlighten the audience on various innovations in clinical practices. Special attention was given to topics based on local priorities such as.

Pain, functional disorders, infectious diseases, oro-pharyngeal cancer, oral manifestations of HIV-infection, noma, trauma, cranio-facial anomalies, dental caries, developmental anomalies of teeth, periodontal diseases, oral mucosal diseases, salivary gland disorders, tooth loss, health care services, health care information systems.

Day 1: 27th September 2018 – Pre Conference

Pre Conference Inauguration was at Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai from 10.00 am to 11.00 am


1. D.Y. Patil University, School of Dentistry, Navi Mumbai

2. Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai

3. Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital & Research Centre

Pre Conference courses were being conducted at all three centres from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

The following staff and students from the DY Patil School of Dentistry won prizes at the conference.

 1. Prof. B. Sivapathasundaram Medal for best research paper by a faculty: POOJA WADKAR


2. Undergraduate Paper Presentation:

     FIRST PRIZE: Riddhima Surve

                                Mahenoor Punjani

                                Prem Thapar

                                Varun Irani

     SECOND PRIZE: Ishani Ratnaparkhi

                                     Anushka Raut

                                     Christina Pereira

    THIRD PRIZE: Aayushi Sett More

                                Zarqa Khan

                                Simran Khavnekar

                                Siddhesh Birje

                                Swapnil Sagodia

 3. Undergraduate Poster Presentation:

     FIRST PRIZE: Mahenoor Punjani

                                Prem Thapar

                                Kajal Gupta

     SECOND PRIZE:Ketan Ghoslakar

                                    Kanan Purohit

     THIRD PRIZE: Simran Khavnekar

 4. Postgraduate Paper Presentation:

    FIRST PRIZE: Priyanka Sehgal

                               Sanjana Shah

                               Priyanak Unnikrishnan

                               Paloma Parulkar

                               Shreya Nagda

                               Shweta Hinduja

   SECOND PRIZE: Urvi Shah

                                   Trushna Thakkar

                                    Nitish Poddar

 5. Postgraduate Poster Presentation:

     FIRST PRIZE: Naina Swarup

                                Akram Shaikh

    SECOND PRIZE: Shweta Hinduja

 6. Staff Paper Presentation:

FIRST PRIZE:  Dr. Chanchal Berani

                            Dr. Pooja Wadkar

SECOND PRIZE: Dr. Ashveeta Shetty

                                Dr. Akansha Sonawane

THIRD PRIZE: Dr. Mayura Chande

                            Dr. Sandhya Tamgadge

 7. Staff Poster Presentation:

     FIRST PRIZE: Dr. Pooja Wadkar

     SECOND PRIZE: Dr. Suyoj Dharmadhikari

8. Movie Making:

     FIRST PRIZE: Kanan Purohit

     SECOND PRIZE: Laxmi Morthy, Reetika Rastogi, Roopanshi Parekh , Konika           Nanda, Mitali Shinde, Aditya Parampill

     THIRD PRIZE: Sonail Desai, Priyanka Unnikrishnan, Mansi Todkar, Sanjana Shah, Ananta Karnani

 9.Table Clinic:

    THIRD PRIZE: Harshita Sharma, Aishwariya Pawar

 10. Essay:

        FIRST PRIZE: Dr. Sumita Bhagwat (staff)

                                   Harsha Nembhawani(PG)

        SECOND PRIZE: Shweta Hinduja(PG)

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Day 2: 28th September 2018 – Pre Conference/ Cultural and Sports activity

Venue:  D.Y. Patil University, School of Dentistry, Navi Mumbai

The conference involved a myriad of events organized for the sports enthusiasts. This included the indoor sports like table tennis, box cricket, carrom, ludo and chess.

A bunch of fine arts events which were soap carving, t-shirt painting, rangoli making, clay moulding for all the creative minds who were also a part of this conference.

And, the day ended with various cultural events which involved group dances and fashion shows. Here, students from various colleges had taken part and performed exceptionally well, which thoroughly entertained the assembly.

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Day 3: 29th September 2018 – Conference: Venue:  D.Y. Patil University, School of Dentistry, Navi Mumbai

The inauguration of the conference took place on this day at the main auditorium of the college. The lectures for this day were conducted over 5 halls where various national and international speakers shared their knowledge on topics like craniofacial surgeries, stem cells, lasers, implants and medical emergencies, also involving workshops on research methodology. The lectures were followed by scrumptious meals and refreshments along with that.

After the lectures, a banquet party was organized at the D.Y stadium where all the delegates were present by invite. The banquet had arrangements for a DJ, and a gala dinner for all the delegates. Furthermore, this day of the conference came to an end.

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Day 4: 30th September 2018 – Conference Venue:  D.Y. Patil School of Dentistry, Navi Mumbai

This day began with a workshop organized by NAAC. The lectures conducted played an important role in this day of the conference. These lectures covered important topics like cleft palate care, occlusion, strategic solutions, restorations in children and advances in maxillofacial surgeries.

Post the lectures, an elaborate panel discussion took place on the topic of ‘inception to implementation’. The day ended with a valedictory function which marks the end of the conference as well.

Alongside the lectures, a large number of delegates participated in the conference and presented their topics, and were also honored for the same. We are proud to talk about the talents participated in this conference, for which various prizes were rewarded to all the winners.

Overall, ISDR provided an invaluable service to all dental, oral and craniofacial researchers, including those at dental schools, industry institutions, as well in the biotech sector. It strives to bring to its members and the dental research community, the latest news updates, research reports, educational programmes and networking opportunities.

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