“A Bar Of Soap” – Selling Your Skills

Integriteeth organised a lecture on 19th January 2016 about Selling Your Dental Skills. The lecture was conducted by Dr. Sukhdeep Singh (BDS MDS PGHDA), Professor and Head, Pediatric Dentistry, School Of Dental sciences, Sharda University. He aptly titled the lecture as “A Bar Of Soap” – Selling Your Skills. He explained that any dentist in the world needs to have good communication & marketing skills. For example, one may have a very good hand and be very good at his work , But if he does not have patients to prove his work on, it makes no sense being excellent at clinical work.
Dr. Sukhdeep Singh also shared some wise tips on running a successful practise, how to communicate with patients, how to allay their fears, how to explain the treatment to them in their own words so that they understand well. Also, how to win over your patients’ trust and make them stick with you.
The lecture was attended by a large number of students and interns who would be soon setting up a clinical practice. It was also attended by professors, who had a clinical practice, but also learnt some tips from the lecture.

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