2015 was the most eventful year for the Alumni of D.Y. Patil School of Dentistry. Our prestigious college was born in 1990 under the name of Dr. D.Y. Patil College and Hospital with only one small batch of 50 Students (the first batch of college). The alumni meet was held in college on 24th August 2015, but as the college is celebrating its 25th birthday this year we also had a Silver Jubilee Celebrations along with the Alumni Meet this year. Alumni from all over the country and some even came from abroad for this event. For the Silver Jubilee Celebrations we were also joined by Our ex Deans and Our first Director. Amongst the Alumni we were joined by the General Secretaries of each year from 1990 to 2010.
Alumni are the ambassadors to the college name and we were joined by alumni who not only created waves in India and the World, but also help in the college by voicing their thoughts as to how the college should take its vision ahead into the future. Alumni make the college proud by their work and we would like to congratulate them for this.
The Chief Guests for our event were our esteemed President Dr. Vijay D. Patil & Mrs. Shivani V. Patil, our revered Vice Chancellor along with the Deans & Directors of the past and present.
The Alumni started pouring into college by 9 am where the registration was done at the entrance of the college after which they were served a lavish breakfast. Once the Alumni had completed breakfast they were given a tour of college and exhibited the new facilities available to the students of our college, namely the World class Library and Seminar Rooms along with the splendid Auditorium. The Alumni were in awe of the college which they remember very differently from their days in college.
The main event started around 10:30 am with the felicitation of the Chief Guests who were in attendance that day. Each Guest spoke for a few minutes about their experiences in college and had a few words of advice for the college. Their words were truly inspiring to all the alumni and students who were in attendance that day. Post this we had a ceremony for the Ex general secretaries and Alumni Achievers who have motivated everyone around them to excel in the field of dentistry. For the delectation of the attendees there was a small parody about life in college in form of a skit which was performed by the student council. All the attendees reveled with laughter and clapping for the performance.
The event was bought to an end with cutting of a cake to celebrate the 25th birthday of our prestigious college and to wish it Good Luck for its future. Then everyone was served a sumptuous lunch which was savored by all.
Everyone departed to go back to their homes with a hint of a tear in their eye for the happiness they felt for the trip down memory lane……..
We the Student Council 2015-16 are thankful to all who attended this affair with the past with us and are indebted for the opportunity to spend the day with them.

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