Alumni Meet

2015 was the most eventful year for the Alumni of DY Patil School of Dentistry. The inception of our prestigious college was in 1990 by the name of Dr. D.Y. Patil College and Hospital. There were only 50 students in the first batch. The Alumni meet was held in college on 24th August 2015 along with the SILVER JUBILEE celebrations. Ex-students from all around the globe specially came to attend this event. For the celebration, we were honored by the presence of our Ex Deans and our first Director. Amongst the Alumni, we were joined by the General Secretaries of each year, right from 1990 to 2015.
Alumni are the ambassadors of the college. They have contributed immensely with their knowledge and skill. They have played a very important role in creating a unique vision and brought identity on a different plane for our college. They have made us proud with their achievements and have given us their invaluable feedback from time to time. We hope that they go on to achieve greater milestones in their lives.
The Chief Guests for our event were our esteemed President Dr. VIJAY D. PATIL & Mrs. SHIVANI V. PATIL, our revered Vice-Chancellor, the Deans & Directors of all years ranging back to the year of establishment of this institute.
The Alumni came in large numbers and graced this memorable occasion with their presence. They participated in all activities right from the beginning to the very end of the event. We followed the modified phrase, ‘when in India, eat like the Indians’, and so a traditional breakfast was served. Soon after the commencement of our event, they were given a tour of the college and shown the new facilities like the world-class LIBRARY, SEMINAR ROOMS, and a state of the art AUDITORIUM. The Alumni were extremely impressed with the new developments that have changed the entire infrastructure since their days in college.
The main event started with the felicitation of the Chief Guests. Each guest shed light on their experiences as a college student. Their words not only inspired the attendees to make a mark in their own field but also showed us how this college has given them a platform to foray into the streams they want to and forge ahead. Post this, a ceremony for the Ex general secretaries and Alumni Achievers was held. For the delectation of the attendees, there was a small parody about life in the form of a skit which was performed by the student council. All the attendees reveled with laughter and enjoyed the entertaining performance.
The event was brought to a conclusion with the cutting of a customized cake to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the college. This was fancily fringed with an assortment of gourmet delights that were savored by all.
We, the Student Council of 2015-16 are thankful to all who attended this affair and are indebted to them for giving us the opportunity to spend a momentous day.

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