An Ode for Time

On the 6th of December, 2016, DY Patil School of Dentistry, welcomed their freshers and bid adieu to their graduating batch. As a time tested tradition, these two events were held on the same day.

The newly credited doctors, were given mementos by which they could remember their alma mater. However, judging by the atmosphere of nostalgia, it was quite clear, that this institute would always hold a special place in all of their hearts. The Dean and the teachers shared some of their favourite anecdotes, of the batch with the rest of the audience. And after a jovial round of leg pulling, the air in the room grew sombre again, as a sense of finality crept into the minds of our seniors. To us, they seemed to suddenly stand up taller and radiated a new sense of confidence. We watched awestruck, as they transformed from students to alumina of our prestigious institute.  Our university, is very proud of the accomplishments each batch has achieved over the course of time, and it is needless to say that this batch of graduating doctors, will only raise our heads higher. The mixed emotions of sadness as well as pride were experienced by both the staff and students.

And just when we thought, that this was going to be an emotional afternoon, our first years walked in, making it an extremely entertaining evening. Initiating the first timers into the DYP family is of great importance, as it is a time when the rest of the batches come to interact with the juniors. The teachers, too join in the fun and a couple of customary rounds of question answers later, the winners of the Freshers contest were announced.

And as the evening wore on, we couldn’t help but notice that the wheel of time had turned yet again. Five years ago, our seniors had stood on the same stage inexperienced, and now the curtain had fallen on their final act. However, nothing is permanent, and the curtains rose again, ushering in new timers. With promises of laughter and tears, the marching parade made way for their juniors.


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