Annual College Festival- Matrix 2020

Screenshot_2020-04-25-20-17-32-594_com.whatsappThe Annual College Festival “MATRIX 2020” was held at the DY. Patil University- School of Dentistry, by the Student Committee 2020 ‘Mystique’. It was a six days event from the 24th of February to the 29th of February. The theme of the event was ‘Around the World in Six Days’ with each day allotted to a specific city, state, or even a continent. There was a combination of Cultural, fine Arts, sports, and scientific events throughout the six days of the festival. There were various outdoor games, food stalls, and D.J. throughout the six days of the festival. The events and theme of each day are as given below:
Theme: INDIA
Day one was designated as the cultural day embracing the various cultures of India with everyone’s best traditional outfits. The day was followed by Committee Introduction with various fine arts events.

Theme: American Street. Comic-Con.
The second day of the event flooded the college with various comic characters as everyone dressed as their favorite characters by walking the streets of Hollywood and enjoyed the Nach Baliye held for the staff and postgraduate students along with few scientific events.
Theme: Paris.
Day 3 the staff and postgraduate students walked the runway with their best Fashion Week outfits for the Fashion Show Competition along with the various Fine Arts and scientific events that were held.
Theme: Australia.
The best floral outfits were seen on Day 4 for the Australian Beach theme. Also, the day also comprised of Indoor Sports and Scientific events along the undergraduate student’s fashion show and a talent show for all staff and students.

Theme: Tokyo.
Day 5 comprised of a Glow in the Dark theme along with a Nach Baliye competition for the Undergraduate students. There was also an Indoor Sports event with various Fine Arts events throughout the day.

Theme: Brazil.
Brazilian theme with a masquerade and feathery outfits filled the campus on Day 6. Various events were held this day which included a comedy event, treasure hunt, confessions, award ceremony, and last but not the least a Prom.
Overall Matrix 2020 turned out to be a successful event giving all students and teachers a chance to pack their bags and get closer with various cultures in India and all over the world in a span of 6 days.