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D.Y.Patil School of Dentistry, Nerul, Navi Mumbai is the oldest and most well established private Dental College in the city of Navi Mumbai.
We have a plethora of dental surgeons and auxiliary staff who are highly competent &well versed in the latest clinical skills. Our dental college also organizes special scientific activities like lectures & scientific presentations by well-known academicians from different parts of country & overseas. These are specialists who light up the scientific & professional scenario. Continuing dental health programs are regularly held for education and motivation of the rural people pertaining to dental problems and complete oral health care. The societal contribution of the College is immense and has benefitted a large number of rural population residing in village
The institute being an important constituent of D.Y.Patil University, Navi Mumbai is fully equipped with around 400 dental chairs and special facilities like lasers, implants, piezo surgery, CBCT, digital library etc. The daily OPD is more than 500 patients. s. The mobile Dental Van caters to the need of the community dentistry program.
The School presents a dynamic curriculum, which provides excellent clinical training, integrates the health sciences with clinical experience and utilizes modern technology. Our success is based on maintaining a strong faculty and staff, supported in their commitment to teaching and administration, professional development, scholarship, research, student service and community service.
While our facility is great, it is the people and infrastructure that makes our College what it is.


The department of conservative dentistry and endodontic offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The undergraduates undergo preclinical training on simulators, before handling patients. The students are trained in performing Root Canal Treatment, Aesthetic restorations, conventionaltooth fillings, and bleaching procedures.The post graduate program equips the dental graduate to handle complex cases, complex root canal treatment, endo surgeries, full mouth rehabs, laminate veneers and a lot more.The department takes up responsibility of developing the academic and social skills of the young graduate, so that he/she becomes a confident and skilled clinician. Our curriculaincludesprograms to sensitize the graduates to needs of sick patients and develop soft skills, which would help them in patient management.

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The department of Prosthodontics is where the students learn replacement of missing teeth and oro-facial structures. The department has a state of the art laboratory. Some of the equipment include a CAD-CAM machine, a ceramic furnaces, casting machines. There are the highly trained technicians and the students get hands on experience on how to use these machines.
The students also learn placement of implants. Ridge augmentation surgeries and sinus lift surgeries are carried out in case there is insufficient bone to place the implant.
Maxillofacial prosthesis are also done on a regular basis. The students make finger, eye, ear prosthesis as well as obturators, guiding plates etc to name a few.

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The curriculum of the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology is comprised of didactic assignments, extensive clinical experience and some teaching responsibilities. The didactic learning experiences include seminars, journal club and case history presentations.  Comprehensive oral health care services for medically compromised patients are also included. The clinical experience includes rotations in oral medicine clinic, maxillofacial radiology clinic, oncology, dermatology, general medicine and general radiology. The maxillofacial radiology clinic is well equipped and provides both conventional and state-of-the-art CBCT maxillofacial imaging.  The students have the advantage of getting extensive clinical training in radiation sciences and maxillofacial radiological interpretation. Students also gain clinical experience in head and neck interpretation using contemporary imaging modalities through rotations at the general radiology clinics at D. Y. Patil University School of Medicine.  Students are expected to complete a dissertation and a library dissertation on a subject mutually decided by the student and the respective guide as part of the curriculum.  Students are encouraged to prepare a paper of publishable quality for submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The student also has the opportunity to participate in research projects conducted within the department.


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The public health dentistry department excels in serving the public through awareness, diagnostic and treatment camps. It caters to all, the rich, the poor, the privileged, the underprivileged, people of all casts and religion. It aims at prevention and treatment of dental diseases for the masses. Interns and students participate in the camps interact with all types of patients and learn how to work with basic infrastructure. They also learn how to empathize with the public, present awareness talks and do epidemiological research

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Orthodontics is a special discipline of dentistry concerned with aligning the teeth and jaws to improve one’s smile and oral health. “Ortho” means correct or straight, and “Odont” means tooth. A formal name given to this specialty is orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.
The Department of Orthodontics propagates the three primary missions of the college; higher education, continued research, and patient care. We provide clinical and pedantic instructions regarding orthodontics to undergraduates and promote new understanding and knowledge about facial growth and development to the postgraduate students. We also serve the surrounding community as an educational resource and as one to provide quality orthodontic treatment to the many in need.
The Department of orthodontics consists of talented and experienced faculty members, which are supported by an excellent and caring administrative staff. We have students from all over the world, which personifies a concoction of energy and ideas every year.

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Oral pathology department accepts biopsy and surgical tissue specimen for diagnosis from the entire dental hospital. Within the scope of oral and maxillofacial pathology the oral pathologists who are experts in this subject provide best services. Not only is this department involved in diagnosis work but also is a department you are involved in most of your dentistry in undergraduate program. Research done by the faculty and postgraduate students is published in journal of both national and international repute. Department has won many awards on researches presented by faculty and students in national conference

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The department of oral and maxilla-facial surgery is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and facilities for providing patient care and graduate and postgraduate training.The under graduate student undergo training in local anaesthetia, exodontia and basic minor oral surgeries. They are also allowed to attended live surgery being performed in the OT on rotational basis.
The post graduate student undergo exhaustive training in management of maxillofacial trauma, Orthognathic surgery’s, TMJ surgery, cleft lip and palate surgery’s facial esthetic surgery’s,oral cancer, implantology and ridge augmentation and complex oral pathologies.
The department aims at up bringing the academic and social skills of the young under graduate and postgraduate.

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The Department of Pediatric Dentistry provides undergraduate and postgraduate training in comprehensive oral health care for pediatric patients. Combining health services, education, research and public policy under one roof, The Department for Pediatric Dentistry is addressing the entire system of early childhood oral health. We seek to teach our students and make them the most qualified practitioners, as well as use the latest in clinical practices and the most advanced equipment available in the country.
From infant check-ups and early screening to parental education and special needs access, IT equips parents with the service and knowledge to ensure a healthy child. The Department for Pediatric Dentistry uses a multi-disciplined approach to solving the rampant issues of childhood oral health.
The Department is the premiere authority on early childhood oral health, working to improve the health of children throughout the region, the country and the world

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The Department of Periodontics and Oral Implantology, provides clinical experience dealing with the  etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the gums and the supporting structures of the teeth.. It has separate undergraduate and post-graduate sections equipped with modern dental chairs fitted with ultrasonic scalers. The Department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in the clinics which allows post-graduate students to perform advanced surgical procedures.
            A separate Implant Clinic well equipped with 2 chairs, RVG and a physio dispenser is available for surgical placement of implants and special surgeries. Advanced surgical equipment like piezoelectric surgical unit, soft tissue laser,electrocautery and centrifuge to procure PRF are the additional facilities available in the department.

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