Comedy Night

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and so on the 14th of March, an enthusiastic and lively crowd had gathered in the auditorium of D.Y.Patil University, to put that to the test.  The comedians that set the stage ablaze were none other than our favorite East India Comedy stars Sorabh Pant, Azeem Banatwalla, and Sahil Shah. For 90min, they entertained the audience, with crazy anecdotes and imitations.

Sohrab Pant is one of India’s best comedians, and it showed on stage as he captured our attention with stories about his family and friends. Every mundane incident, that we would have otherwise brushed off as insignificant had us laughing till we cried. Azeem Banatwalla, is an engineer turned writer turned comedian, and his humor took on a shade of global awareness. Not many people can touch sensitive topics and still make you laugh effortlessly, and Azeem is definitely one of them.  Sahil Shah is one of the founders of East India Comedy and won our hearts, solely by his colorful shoes. Everybody noticed his ‘not so subtle’ shoes the moment he walked on to stage! And for the next half an hour Sahil Shah, entertained the audience with his exceptionally versatile wit and humor.

 As a pre-fest event, the comedy show has certainly raised the bar of expectations and as the days to Fahrenheit rapidly erode, the temperature in the air is palpable!

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