D.Y Patil Dental Van Inauguration

The new D.Y Patil Dental Van was inaugurated on 16th December 2017 in the presence of the Vice Chancellor Dr. Shirish Patil, Dean Dr. Omkar Shetty, Head of Departments and the faculty members. The Dental van was started along with the Rotary Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar. This dental van will be used to create awareness on oral hygiene and provide services to people in remote parts, who do not get access to dental clinics and hospitals. It will also prove to help people who are differently abled or geriatric patients who are unable to visit dental facilities.
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We are grateful to  Dr. Ila Shah, Amar Ravjiani, Parul Shah and all the members of the rotary club of Ghatkopar for thier major roles and all the help they provided and also for giving us the opportunity to serve as many as we can through this well equipped mobile dental Van.

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